Resepi Soto Ayam Di Paris Versi Liyana Aris, Di Mana Bahan-bahan Agak Susah Nak Carik

*kalau korang malas nak baca all these nonsense saya tulis sebelum resepinya, sila lah skip! saya akan highlightkan recipe dalam kaler biru-hijau

Resepi hari ini:

Soto Ayam



Euro trip hangover

It's been almost a month since i last wrote a post. This isn't intentional, though. I got caught up in the travellings and the hangover that resulted from it. 

I didn't know i could call it 'hangover'—i was trying to come up with a word that would describe the deflated, tired feeling after following a gruelling schedule for a short while, when i checked the definition of 'hangover' in Merriam-Webster online and found out the word could also mean "a letdown following great excitement or excess", and that word is exactly what i was, and maybe still am, feeling.

It's been amazing, travelling in Europe. Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine taking trips to different countries in Europe. Coming to stay in Paris (Paris!!!) for almost a year was already a whole other thing, but it still didn't occur to me to do the thing authors in book and people in movies/tv shows always talk about: Euro trip.

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