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Fabulous European Makeup & Beauty Brands I Tested In Paris and Loved

10 months in Europe, and i have to say, they were probably the best 10 months of my life so far. 

Sure, there had to be some give and take. I had to spend 10 months without my Mommeeyh and Dedi, my siblings (who just proved yet again that they could be medicine to flu) and my nephew whom i am crazy in love with. Plus 3 months into staying in Europe, i got a niece too, and now i'm crazy in love with her too.

But at the same time, i also got to spend some serious quality time with my husband, whom i crazily adore and who is my most favouritest everest person in the world. Shah and i managed to do some of the famed Euro-trip (we didn't get to go to Scotland, Greece, Monaco, etc. oh oh half sadface) and had the best time evah (and we went to Disneyland like 50 times. we still want more).

Anddd, of course, there's that whole point of me writing up this post: makeup and beauty stuff found in Europe!

Here i present to you the brands that i tried and loved and wish they were available here in Malaysia:

Red Lipsticks Galore!

Here are my current favourite red lipsticks, with their swatches:

Left to right (not in favourite order though!):

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