My Style: Voluminous Hijab

I've been wearing the hijab for two years and a half now. I'm surprised to discover i don't dislike wearing it; i actually genuinely like adorning it, and i enjoy the feeling of having it on.

I don't experiment much with hijab styles, as i like to play around other things that make up my outfit. Right now i'm sticking to one style, one that i feel comfortable in and look good in (we can agree to disagree, of course).

My face shape is this really well-rounded oval, so i've applied the same concept to my hijab style as i did to my hair in my hijabless days: the bigger and the more voluminous, the better!

Current Beauty Regime: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, L'oreal Anti-shine Icy Gel with Embryolisse, Vichy, Nivea and Shu Uemura

Hello hello!

I don't usually discuss about beauty products since i don't test out that many of them but i think it would be a good idea to share the ones i've been sticking to for the past few years.

My 27-year-old skin data are basically:

- combination to oily; my face feels tight after cleansing but would turn oily after a while on the T-zone
- prone to little spots around forehead and chin; not too often though
- prone to nasty bumps along cheekbones; this only developed two years ago after i used an anti-aging range from a respectable brand
- blackheads on the nose and around it
- unknown skin condition where super tiny bumps form in random spots around my face and cannot be removed (note: looking around for a supergood dermatologist that won't cost a lot to check this out)

My skin has been very nice to me lately and it is because of the products i list down below. Unlike before, i'm now quite the loyal product user; once i know it works well on my skin, i try not switch to anything else as my skin really doesn't like being a guinea pig! 
Here are my favourite products for throughout my day.

Morning Routine

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