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Polka-Dot Waist Belt

The Steal: A polka-dot waist belt for RM 9.90.
Yes, the most adorable belt for less than RM 10!

I've been down with "nocturnal coughing" for more than two weeks now. It's not as bad as a cold but I'm just not very good at being unwell as I get super cautious with some things, …

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Creme) in 240 Sandalwood Beige

Sandalwood Beige is discontinued in Malaysia?

Say it isn't so!

I recently surveyed Revlon's many gorgeous lipstick shades in a pharmacy and noticed the absence of Sandalwood Beige. When asked, one of the salesgirls replied, "That shade is discontinued lah, sorry."

You mean the exact lipstick shade Halle Berry wore in her amazing Revlon Super Lustrous ads (albeit years ago) is no longer available to be purchased?

I went home and immediately checked if Sandalwood Beige is still amongst the 82 shades that Revlon Super Lustrous range offers and to my relief, it is. 
Although I shouldn't be too relieved, because as available it is to the rest of the world, Malaysians no longer have the luxury of freely owning a new tube of Sandalwood Beige.

For now I just need to enjoy my remaining Sandalwood Beige then, which I re-discovered and am loving at the moment.

Breaking down The Good and The Bad of Sandalwood Beige:

Denim Jacket + Green Dress

Cleaning Those Makeup Brushes : the Products I Use

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Mini Trip: Day 2

I've been going to Port Dickson since forever, it seems. My family and I would stay at our family condominium and my siblings and I would ride the bicycles, go swimming, picnic at the beach and eat seafood at night.

I haven't done a proper PD trip since I went to study in Christchurch so I was excited to go there again with Shah and my family. The best part was this time around we had our nephew Rayyan and niece Arya coming along, who are obviously the two most adorable human beings ever.

Port Dickson has had a facelift, definitely! It even has a Starbucks now.

My favourite part of Port Dickson is definitely PD Waterfront, hands down. The blue sea, the trendy-like cafes and restaurants, the yachts and the billowy trees; I almost, almost felt like I was in Australia or Lisbon!

Aside from Starbucks, you can find McDonald's, Kenny Rogers, a kopitiam, a nasi arab restaurant and a bunch of other restaurants as well. There's also conveniently a big supermarket in the square at the center, and I spotted Pizza Hut across the square too.

An assortment of photos from our second day there:

17 more delightful photos to follow!

Rattan Handbag @ PD Waterfront, Port Dickson

Change Blog Name and Blog URL on Bloglovin'

So you claimed your blogspot blog on Bloglovin' ages ago and were starting to gain followers there. But then you decided to ditch your blogspot URL for a fantastic, brand-new personal custom domain.
How do you change your blog name and blog URL in your Bloglovin' account now without losing …

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Mini Trip : Day 1

 An assortment of photos from the first day of our mini trip to Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

This Blog is Undergoing (Minor) Construction

This blog is currently undergoing a tiny facelift.

I recently edited some things so that most photos will be much wider and have the same uniformed width but by doing so, some of the older photos might appear blurry.

I am in the process of fixing that, by either re-uploading the photos or substitut…

Must-Have or Must-Not : Edgy Printed Tee + Dainty Palazzo Pants

Does the The Rolling Stones long-sleeved tshirt + delicate deep orange palazzo pants combination work, or does it not?

As a hijabi who lives in a hot and humid country where layering doesn't always permit, I find it challenging to make dressing up interesting. I rely on my trusted jeans most of the times but as versatile as they are, it's possible to get bored of jeans, believe it or not.

Palazzo pants are generally dainty and super feminine which is why I love these particular pair; the burnt orange colour makes them a tad snappy, plus they fit me well around my hips (hips just don't lie).

I'm a little bored of pairing the pants with delicate, dainty tops so I tried pairing them with an edgier, more casual top: my Rolling Stones tshirt.

I can't figure out if I myself like this look or not, to be honest.

Photo Diary: Jonker Walk, Jonker Street, Melaka

Jonker Walk is one of my favourite places to walk through in Malaysia.

It's one of those places with that great, cheery energy. Plus, if you have a little extra money to spend, Jonker Walk is a great place to pick up knickknacks and add a few interesting things to your closet as well!

A word of caution: be mindful of your belongings when in the street! Any place where people walk elbow to elbow is sure to be a thriving pickpocket spot.

Continue to see 20 more photos!


Let's Not Kiss and Just Makeup is now housed in a new domain!

All old posts from my blog will be directed to this new domain.

I hope to keep you entertained with future posts, so keep on visiting my Affordorable blog!

Loads and LOADS o…

Floral Jumpsuit : Daytime to Nighttime


Shah and I made a trip to one of our favourite cities in Malaysia, Bandaraya Melaka, over the weekend.

Shopping for Frames and Glasses is WORK

I probably tried 50 frames before I finally decided on one good pair. If I were less picky, it would have been 150 frames I tried on, I should think.

My previous frames kept getting looser and looser as there's no spring connecting the handles to the lens frames. I also think they were much too big for me.

See? Like I said, too big for my face. I guess I still look pretty cute (ehem) but they're just too big. I bought these particular frames in a hurry and in desperation in Paris, after I lost my glasses while shopping in La Vallee. Drama, that was.

I do like relatively big frames but I realise how overwhelming they could look on my face. At the same time, if I go for frames that are small, I feel they closed up the eye area too much though, and would emphasize the size of my face more than I'd like—does that make sense?—but anything that makes your eyes smaller than they are and makes your face bigger than it is is not flattering in my book.

It all comes down to proportions!

5 Tips to Buying the Best Glasses Possible for YOU

I happen to take buying glasses (you might call them 'spectacles') very seriously for a few reasons:
Glasses frames are expensiveLens are expensive Actually, come to think of it, there's only one reason why buying a new pair of glasses is serious business: because they are EXPENSIVE.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya

Shah, Rina, Ira and I made a quick visit to the 6th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014 this past weekend.

We arrived in Precint 2, Putrajaya around 6pm and were relying on seeing hot air balloons up in the sky to see where the event was held but spotted none. So we followed the crowd instead—turns out the balloons weren't released into the air just yet!

The four of us stayed for a little bit and got to watch a couple of them fly but decided to leave early due to the humidity and crowd (will be going in jeans and a thin top next time).

It was a pretty delightful event I must say. You can choose to stay as long as you want as they have all the necessities prepared: food trucks, tables and chairs, picnic area, portable toilets and prayer area. As long as you don't mind the heat, of course!

I do wish we could have witnessed the release of the Darth Vader hot air balloon. Or at the very least, face it up front!

Here are some other photos my camera captured:

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