How Much Do You Love Discounts and Sales? (Spoiler: I love them crazy much)

For me, personally, I adore discounted clothing items and all kinds of sale a lot. A. Lot.

One thing about me is I love buying clothes. And shoes. And bags. And anything that comes in between. Because of this love, I almost never buy anything full-priced when it comes to stocking up my closet. It's not so much that I chose to do so, but it's because I have to

Did I mention that I am a stay-at-home wife? Because this is a very pivotal part of my explanation as to why sales and discounts are so important to me.

So here I list down the reasons why I love discounts and sales and why I must love them:

(1) Basically, my husband and I live on his sole income. The very fact that Shah can afford to support both himself and I and live comfortably in our own home is something that I am grateful for every day.

In order to continue living comfortably and happily, this means that it is completely necessary for me to be thrifty when I shop. Sure, you could say, "Just shop a little less", or, even worse, "Quit shopping already, Liyana". But the point is I enjoy getting new clothes and all those other things, just like any other female beings I personally know in my life. Ergo, my best option is to opt for the sales and make use of lots and lots of discounts.

(2) Another reason why I am hesitant to buy clothes at their full-priced? Let me tell you a story—beware, it's a horror story

I was 20 years old and the nautical trend was ubiquitous; stripes, pinafores and anchor prints were all the rage. I was window-shopping in a mall (OK, we all know it's rarely just a "window"-shopping trip, don't we?) when I spotted this cute white and red striped top, cinched in at the waist and flared at the hips. 

While I wouldn't have given the top a second glance now, it dramatically appealed to the sartorial taste of my young 20-year-old self; I couldn't stop thinking about the top. For two weeks, I would go to classes wondering if I should buy the top, if the top is still in the shop, if they even had my size any more... Then, I knew I had to get it. It was 49.95 New Zealand Dollars.

I purchased the top and I was happy—for about 10 days. When I went into the shop the next week, the very same top had gone down to 19.95 NZD.

The betrayal.

Ever since then, I had to teach myself to be just that little bit savvier when it comes to shopping. I still sometimes 'really really REALLY' want one thing but unless it's a basic or classic piece of clothing, or something I see myself wearing for a long, long time, then I have to show myself some tough lovin' and say "No, Liyana, NO, just walk away."

(3) Unfortunately, I'm not one of those lucky folks who make a list of things to buy and actually stick to it. If I have written these on my list:-

- nobody should be surprised if I come out of the store with this receipt:

Because when have I ever found the perfect oversized black blazer? NEVER. But, hey, at least I got the floral scarf. 

So, since I'm not a stickler for sticking to lists, and since I love doing things like buying a pair of red pants when I already owned two other red pants (this one fits the best around the hips), that's where discounts and sales come in handy. Otherwise, my allowance (yes, I still get those things, only now from my husband!) would dry up faster than you can say, "Liyana, NO."

Come to think of it...wait, do 'stick-to-the-list' people even exist ? I mean, really?

(note: The above list and receipt are obviously purely hypothetical. I don't physically make a list before clothes-shopping; like most shoppers, I wing it.)

To sum up, love discounts and love the sales, you all.

What do you think? Chime in your thoughts on this article in the comment section! Feel free to leave a line to proclaim your love for discounts, sales or shopping in general, too.

Have a great day, everyone <3


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