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// Rings and perspective // Selfie with a fun poster // Playing my latest favourite game, Citadels //…

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in Electro Shock

There are makeup products that I buy and feel somewhat impartial towards, and then there are makeup products that I feel like I would baby and treasure forever and ever.

This Maybelline liquid liner? It might have just earned its place in the latter category.

Because, I mean, just look at the beautiful blue hue:

If you're not a fan of electric blue as I am, you might be feeling like this liquid liner is not all that great but for me, it's a big winner. Priced at a mere RM 19.90? No contest, babes.

But is there ever a makeup product that is a perfect ten? Let's list down the good and the bad of Electro Shock:

Tsukiji Market, Tokyo

Tsukiji Market is hands down the must-visit place in Tokyo, y'all. I'm going to stress my point by saying this in capital letters: MUST. VISIT.

I don't know how else to convey the message that it is a compulsory place to visit if you're ever going to Tokyo, other than probably sharing a bunch of photos Shah and I took while we were there.

But of course, I maybe have jumped the gun here. What is Tsukiji Market, exactly, and why should anyone visit it? Before I answer in words, I'm going to answer in photo form:

OK, back to words now. Tsukiji Market, or Tsukiji Fish Market, is an actual market which sells normal market things like seafood and veges and fruits.
Eh, you say. Sounds like my regular weekly market, you say.
But that's where you're wrong, because of course it isn't regular.

Belted Zebra Cardi

It's been over a month since I left Tokyo's cold winter. I've always preferred the hotness and humidity of Malaysia but I find myself missing dressing up in layers.

I found this fuzzy oversized zebra cardigan on the sales rack at H&M and I knew I was meant to have it; it was the perfect addition to any winter outfit, I feelso cosy and warm.

Trend Love: Blue Eye Makeup

Bold, bright blues are making a big comeback as a big colour trend in the makeup world recently, as previously seen on the models strutting in Marc by Marc Jacobs show and on Jennifer Hudson at the AMA. I'm excited that it's seeping into 2015 because I happen to be a sucker for anything el…

Tokyo Disneyland Scenes Part II

Dreaming of the day I would visit Disneyland again...  Really, I'd take any Disneyland. Any of them.
I don't know if it's the same with everyone else but Disneyland has to be one of those places that guarantees love at first sight.
Always wanted to be Jessica Rabbit, after all
Tipo Tor…

Birthday Dinner in Leopard Joggers

It was a happy birthday for me on Tuesday!

Eating is such a big part of my annual celebrations. For my birthday this year, Shah brought me to Mandarin Oriental in KL for its buffet dinner and I have to say, the food was De. Li. CIOUS. I've never been one to take photos of food, I'm much too shy, but I wish I had at least snap some photos of the desserts! They have THE best chocolate mousse and cheesecake ever.

Tokyo Disneyland Scenes Part I

I am a complete sucker for Disneyland. Send me to any Disneyland with Shah and my day is made.
Even though we stayed in Tokyo for a full month, we could only limit one day for Tokyo Disneyland. We were originally supposed to be in Tokyo for only two weeks though, which meant we almost didn't g…

Scenic Walk to Nijubashi Bridge

It has been said that Nijubashi Bridge is "the most photographed scene in Japan". I almost didn't even visit the bridge but I'm really, really glad Shah dragged me over there, because (1) the bridge does look pretty magnific, and (2) the walk to the bridge from the train station …

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