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So, I'm Back In Tokyo...

InstaLiyana: November Tokyo

I'm back in Tokyo!
These instagrams are from my previous trip here in November last year. Don't forget to follow @theliyanaaris on Instagram for more glimpses into my new Tokyo adventures <3<3<3
 // Drinking hot tea at Hooters Shibuya // Poster on underground train etiquette // Fa…

Lazy Dazey

Lazy weekends are for letting loosefor my outfit, that is.

All Neutral

Unless, of course, you don't consider zebra print a neutral, which would be totally understandable.
I've been seeing a lot of neutral shades on the runway and on street stylers, and I really like the vibe. This camel sweater from Zara might just be my most favourite neutral thing I own at …

Call Me Definitely

There will always, always be a place in my closet for another statement clutch. 

This black dress comes with thin chiffon sash but take it off and you've got yourself an abaya—love the versatility! I had to rack my brains when figuring out what to wear with the dress. Do I wear a matching rose…

8 Things Super Bloggers Do That We Wish We Could, Too

I love spending time poring over blogs that belong to super bloggers. I don't only regard these fashion and lifestyle blogs as eye candy but as a source for inspiration as well. These women just seem to have it all together! Oh sure, sure, they're just normal human beings like the rest of …

Rolling In The Jeans

Rule number two that "govern" the use of the Travelling Pants, of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, state that:  "You must never double-cuff the Pants. It's tacky. There will never be a time when this will not be tacky."
Sorry to disappoint the sisterhood, but...cuffin…

Easy Breezy Pretty

It's unusual to find yourself feeling pretty in a shapeless sack of a dress, isn't it? But then again the best caftan is no ordinary dress.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks Crème in Kiss Me Coral & Pink Velvet

I've had a love affair with Revlon Super Lustrous range ever since I started getting to know makeup so any addition from the range to my stash of lipsticks is always a happy one.

Beanie Girl

I'll be honest; I never ever ever thought a hijabi could put on a beanie and look presentable.
It was my very last day in Tokyo and it was a cold, cold one. I had packed away my warmest jacket and was left with this lighter duffle coat that didn't do much to keep me toasty. Have you heard …

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