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Love To See Your Money Hanging In My Closet

I've always loved the quote by Candace Bushnell, uttered by the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw: "I like my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet." Only, if we get technical, since I'm a homemaker (shaker) and my husband provides my wardrobe choices, then technically the…

The Romantic Togetsukyo Bridge & Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Kyoto is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited but I say this because of this little district called Arashiyama, which is known to be one of the most beautiful places in Japan. The moment Shah and I cycled out on our rental bikes onto the street that led us to Togetsukyo Bridge, t…

How To Groom Your Eyebrows

I've been obsessed with my eyebrows lately and apparently I really like talking about them. In case anyone is interested, some things have changed since this post: my right eyebrow is back to being my favourite brow, my eyebrows are slightly fuller now, and they're still refusing to stay united and grow in the same direction.

My eyebrows have always been on the thinner side so I guess this is as "Cara Delevigne" as they could go. Although it wasn't actually Cara who got me so concerned with my eyebrows, no—the heart of my brows belongs to AnnaSophia Robb, who has this combed-up eyebrow look that I just love (refer here and here). 

Lucky for us, eyebrows not only can be shaped but they can also be groomed to grow in a certain way. Grooming your eyebrows is harder than shaping them but it is absolutely doable with time and with a lot of patience.

I'd like the brow hairs nearest to the nose to point upwards, with the others still pointing upwards but with decreasing angle as you go towards where the brow ends (like I said, I'm obsessed). It's OK if you don't like your eyebrows to look the same way (some of you might want to pluck my eyebrows away, but please refrain!) as you could still use these three steps below to groom your eyebrow hairs however way you want them to and whichever direction you want them to face.

Use regular facial moisturiser
This lotion action is sort of a "kill two birds with one stone" thing: you're moisturising your skin and you're grooming your brows as well! Apply this step whenever you're using moisturiser in your daily beauty routine. This step isn't for the moisturising properties, of course, but there's something in moisturiser that clings to eyebrow hairs and help coax the hairs to face a certain direction—albeit temporarily, but I find it helps in my grooming procession.

 Get a teeny bit of face moisturiser

Dream Came True at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter @ Universal Studios Japan

The Harry Potter series has some of my favourite books ever, if not THE most favourite! I was excited about the prospect of visiting Universal Studios Japan but I was super giddy just from imagining myself stepping into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Guys, I literally teared up when I stood …

That Embroided Bohemian Jacket...

Since the temperature in my second Tokyo trip wasn't going to be much different than during my first one, I figured I needed a different set of outerwear options. Buying a whole new winter-appropriate clothes, although an enticing notion, didn't seem like the best idea since I spend most o…

Bugs, Prints & Stage 14

My fun bug print sweater and confetti pants were in contrast with the cold rainy bleak day that I spent at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, but maybe those were exactly what was needed for an extra dash of cheeriness. I love the prints combination so much, can't wait to pair them again here i…

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