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Makeup Inspiration: Warm Purple & Bright Blue Eyeshadows

I don't have the expertise to re-create celebrity makeup but I do love searching for makeup inspiration photos on Pinterest and turning the makeup I see into something of my own, with whatever minimal makeup knowledge (and little makeup products) that I have.

Some Sequins, Bits of Red, Leopard, & a Piano Clutch

So, I'm pretty much obsessed with this black abaya dress. So easy to wear and SO comfy.

If you've been following my little blog here you might have seen this black abaya before, in which I matched it with a maroon-red scarf and leopard loafers. This time around I ditched the thin sash and …

The Process of Savvy Shopping Under RM 100

A few months ago, I was in a cafe catching up with my girlfriends. We started talking about clothes and shopping (two things I feel we don't talk about enough) when I mentioned that a majority of my clothing items were obtained under RM 100.
They were surprised by my proclamation. 
I, in turn, was surprised by their surprise.

I had up to that point believed that it was common practice and completely normal that someone has a closet filled with things that are priced under RM 100 (that's roughly 30 USD) but from my friends' reaction, apparently that wasn't the norm. One question they were asking me: "WHERE do you buy your clothes?".

The thing is, I buy my clothes mostly from the stores you buy your clothes from. I adore Pull & Bear and Bershka and I visit the nearest H&M and Zara too often for my wallet's own good. So I've arrived to the conclusion that the only thing that sets me apart from my friends and most people is probably this: I frequent these stores during sales time.
In fact, I shop at those places almost exclusively during the sales.

I've made it known in my About page that being a homemaker means not having a monthly income and as you can tell, hinders me from scoring the latest trends that are made available in all the stores. Even so I find that a closet that's stocked with budget items can be just as good as any closet.

My blog isn't named "Affordorable" for nothing, after all! I want it to be known that you don't need to have big bucks to have a happy shopping life. It's mostly about:

Lipstick as Blush

Sometimes a lipstick doesn't have to just be a lipstick! I've been repurposing some of the lipsticks I own as a blush and I've been LOVING it. 

My first experiment with lipstick-as-a-blush was accidental but it went so well that I feel like I should just ditch my other powder blushes. I would have thought something so emollient wouldn't last nowhere near as long as my old-school blushes, especially on my combination-oily skin, but I was proven wrong. I used to scoff when I read in the beauty section that cream blushes stay on for longer than a powder blush but I'm a changed woman now. (#wiser)
If I'm too lazy to carry a whole stack of makeup when travelling, I can now just stick with a good concealer, an eyelash curler and a lipstick, and those will be all I need.

My favourite current lipstick-as-blush? Revlon Super Lustrous in Rose Velvet, which happens to be one of my all-time favourite lipstick-as-lipstick, too. The sweet pink colour blends seamlessly and evenly on my cheeks but the best part is it actually stays on for HOURS. 

Not all lipsticks would work well as a blush, though; it depends on the colour (Bright purple on lips? Yes. Bright purple on cheeks? Maybe no) and more importantly, the texturea matte lipstick might not be the most ideal as it'll be hard to blend and could end up looking unnatural.

Here's my how-to:
  • Rub a small amount of  lipstick on your ring finer
  • Dot lipstick on cheeks
  • Spread lipstick evenly on apple of cheeks or a little higher
  • Layer as needed

Rainbow & Sky-Blue

It was a cloudy yet beautiful day in Penang and I was in my favourite beach side hotel in Penang with my most favourite person in the whole wide world. 
Sometimes I catch myself being caught up in my own bubble of happiness, but I actually think it's healthy to be in that state once in a while,…

High-waisted Pants & That Clapboard Clutch

For someone with longer legs and a shorter torso, it certainly wasn't a walk in the park to find a good pair of high-waisted pants, but I daresay I've found a pretty darn good pair here.
The best part? They were on sale in H&M for 1000 yen! That's like RM 30, guys.

Not to say they&…

Photo Diary: Nara Deer Park, Kyoto

I follow @natgeo on Instagram but I should tell you that the reason I decided to get my National Geographic Insta updates in the first place was this piece from Refinery29 titled Models Are Obsessed With This Instagram Account.
Probably not the deepest of reasons to follow something, but seriously…

#ThrowbackEveryday to Retro Fashion

Throwbacks aren't exclusively for Thursdays any more!
Retro fashion seems pretty ubiquitous right now: I search for fresh things to pin on Pinterest and I see lots of denim flares; I scroll through my Instagram feed and all these fashion bloggers are throwing it way back with their suede top o…

Affordorable Makeup From Japan

I tend to spot clothes faster than I do makeup and beauty items, which was why I only manage to snag a few beauties and one more in my first and second trip to Japan. This third time around, though, I made sure to put aside just a little bit more of my Japanese Yen for some makeup and beauty goodies that are available in Japan's famous cosmetics-laden pharmacies and other local beauty stores.

Sneakers Love

Not just talking about my love for the blue-bow Adidas sneakers (big bows = LOVE) but this sneakers printed bag.

You know, I find that I'd never really know where I could get the best additions to my casual wardrobe. Sometimes the cutest things pop up at surprising places, like the RM 20 boxy …

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