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Third day of Eid, third outfit, all green.


Red might be my most favourite colour but personally it's a hard colour for me to add in my wardrobe...

Eid Aidilfitri Day 1: Electric Blue Caftan + Songket Sarong

When I was younger, my mom would always take us sisters to those textile shops and retailers where she would help us pick out the prettiest fabrics, which we would send to our tailor and get them made into our favourite traditional wear for us to don on the first day of Eid—usually the baju kurung

Oreo Marshmallow No-Bake Dessert Treat

First thing first, this is what it is all about:

Secondly, I have a confession to make: I have never used my oven.

Eid Mubarak

To my fellow Muslims in Malaysia and around the world, Happy Eid!!!
It's actually Monday and it's already the fourth day of Eid, or Raya Aidilfitri as we call it here. Eid has always been such a joyous and pretty magical day for Malaysians because:  (1) it's a national holiday (2) Raya…

Electric Shades

Does everyone else have a Flavour of the Moment kind of thing when it comes to shades? Because I do, and these are mine at the moment.

My Favourite Affordable Contour & Bronzers

Some beauty experts say to use an actual contour instead of bronzer to contour your cheekbones. Heck, the verb here is "contour", so using a contour (the noun) to contour would make more sense, wouldn't it? I get that, but there's something about using bronzer to add definition t…

Varsity / Cardigan

You know what, now that I'm really thinking about it, I'm not sure what to call this buttoned-down top. It's neither a varsity jacket nor a cardigan. But, I don't know, it's like a cardigan that's made to look like a varsity jacket, which sounds super odd, but it is what it is.

The Hardest Eyeliner I Ever Had to Draw

One of my go-to eye makeup looks is a slightly thick line drawn right above the lash line and extending the line straight out instead of flicking the ends upwards (see hereherehere, and here) but when I saw this eye look on Pinterest, I was intrigued by the winged-out style. I think it looks S…

Je Ne Comprends Pas

Sometimes a statement top doesn't need to be worn to state anything. In case you're not sure, "Je Ne Comprends Pas" is French for "I don't understand"—a phrase I told myself to memorize when I was living in Paris (had to, guys).
Well, there's nothing I don't…

Happy Colours Inspiration

 from Design Seeds

Recently I read an article about the colour green being a happy colour which left me thinking along the lines of "Oh? Really?". I'm not really disagreeing with the article but I personally don't associate green exclusively with "happy". The colour green to me has a vast spectrum where there are peaceful shades of green on one end, with the greens on the other end screaming "Chaotic". I mean, this must be why the character The Joker was given green hair, isn't it?

Now, yellow, that's one real happy colour. Yellow is Sunshine, and we all know that Sunshine makes us happy when skies are grey, don't we?

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