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Spring In Step: Rose Quartz, Florals & Polka Dots

Hi, Spring!

Well, not that "Spring" is in Malaysia, so I'm saying "Hi!" from afar, that is.

Last month I talked about getting spring-ready with affordable pieces in spring's trending colours, so now it's finally time to break out those pieces, guys!

I never used to …

Green Sequins + Hello Tokyo (From The Outside)

I normally wouldn't grab anything—especially a green sequinned abaya dress—for a normal day out. But this wasn't a normal day out; it was a day when one of my best friends' sister got married. I knew my best friend and her sister from way when we were younger. And free.
(Did anyone not…

Spread The Denim Love

I was really happy to find out the latest article I wrote for Yahoo! Style UK ended up on Yahoo!'s main site, It was a really simple, really short and really fun post on denim jacket being the perfect transitional piece for going from winter to spring, so check out the article by cl…

Flowers of Tokyo

I might have been back and forth to Tokyo in the past 15 months but there was one important period of time when I should have been there but was not: the cherry blossom blooming season. So many people travel to Japan just for this season and even the locals make a party out of this season, so I de…

Belted Varsity Coat

I know, I know, you've seen this coat over and over again here but I promise this is the last time you'll see it. I mean, not the last time in FOREVER, I meant like in a long while, because it's back to one-layer outfits for now! By the way, Malaysia is currently experiencing a heatwav…

Yes, I Do Want Some Scrub

You opposed to "No, I don't want no scrub."

I'm actually a pretty low-maintenance gal. I rarely go out for mani / pedi, and I don't do waxing, threading, facials, spa sessions...although I suspect some people think those are what I do all week long, with me being a …

Missing The Layers Weather

Never, ever thought I would one day miss winter weather.
I spent my whole life hatin' on winter and not appreciating the cold weathers I've experienced, but I made a huge breakthrough in my last winter trip in Tokyo.
Well, huge to me, at least. 
I finally realised the root cause of the hat…

Making Eye Makeup Less Complicated

Nothing elaborate here, guys (probably nothing Instagram-worthy, either), but super simple and pretty effective, I promise! I just want to share with you guys my simplest way of achieving smokey eye makeup, that's appropriate even for daytime.

I mean, I love all the fancy eye makeup looks: the…

The Cat's Meow: Cat-Ears Beanie & Tan Camel Varsity

First of all I really just want to point this out: this H&M cat-ears beanie is right up my alley.

Or if it's OK with you guys I'd like to switch up my words like this: my alley ---> my cat alley ---> my cat street ---> Cat Street. So it will be "this H&M cat-ears bean…

Navy Blue Coat + Yellow Sweater

This was one of the coats that I bought in my November Tokyo trip, alongside this mustard number, but I somehow didn't get as much use out of it as I had wanted to. (Translation: Not enough outfit photos of me in it.)

It did such a service to me on this particular day though, when Shah and I w…

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