Best Face Scrub Ever (but is called a mask): Skin Food Black Sugar Mask

If you're looking to add a face scrub to your beauty routine, look no further than Skin Food Black Sugar Mask.   

Or, you know, of course you can look further, but I don't think you'll regret circling back to this one, that's all.

This Korean beauty 'HG' is referred to as …

Mad For Fringes

Honestly, I didn't even realise I was wearing fringes from head to toe until I see these photos. I mean, even my hijab has fringes, guys.         

(PS: All that's missing is a fringe bag, but I've yet to find one that I simply must have.)       

In case you think I was totally clueless…

Slipping Into The Slip Dress Trend

PS: Can my post title be more original?

I've been wanting to try out this trend for monthsssssss, guys—look at how many 'S' I used there, because it really has been the case for months and months. I've done the layering-dress-over-top look before but doing it with a slip dress is a…

31st Birthday Outfit: Dark Green Tulle Dress

If you're in your late 20s, I will tell you this (as a PSA of some sort): turning 30 might sound scary, but I promise you, being 30 is just as ordinarily amazing as being 29 — and 28, and 27, 26, 25, 24, and so on. (Well, for me 20 was the exception; I would NOT want to relive 2006, nu uhhh.)

K-Beauty: Missha Time Revolution Essence & Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Serum

I had such a good run with this Japanese beauty range so it was disappointing that it stopped working for me—especially since I had repurchased the whole expensive range a few weeks before that (for the second time, too), so I was left with leftovers.
PS: Any of you guys ever experienced that with…

All Neutrals

You know how some people say leopard-print is a neutral? By that definition, I'm wearing an all-neutral outfit here.
Which is RARE for me, guys.
(But it has also sorta happened, once.)

One trend from last year that I was excited to bring into 2017 is statement sleeves, like this tier action. T…

I Woke Up Like This

"I woke up like this."

You know...because of the pajama-like matching number I have on here...?

Lame jokes aside, I can't remember how my preference for pajama-like ensembles came about but I'm pretty positive Pinterest was the number one culprit; my 'Style Inspiration' bo…

Disproportionately Satisfactory: Sweater Dress + Maxi Skirt

Honestly, three years ago, if you show a picture of someone wearing this long of a sweater dress with a maxi skirt, I would think it's the Weirdest. Thing. EVER.
Now? Um, kind of uhbsessed with its supersweater length.

It's just amazing how much things can change in a few years, because no…

A Little Looney

Or a whole lot of it, sure, why not?

I said on my Instagram that I was going to keep my reflections of 2016 and my resolutions for 2017 to myself (to appear more mysterious and all) but for style's sake, I decided to share one of each in this post, because well why not Liyana WHY NOT - sharing…

Green Bomber Jacket

It was time for Shah and I to head home after a relaxing few days at Bukit Tinggi but I couldn't leave without visiting the Animal Park! Hardly the most glamorous place to snap some outfit photos, but pretty exotic too, wouldn't you say, mmm? The deers in the background are SO adorable, gu…

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