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How To Edit Blog Photos Without Photoshop or Lightroom Using VSCO Cam

Years of Editing Without Lightroom / Photoshop
It was only recently in April that I started using Lightroom to edit my blog photos. As super happy as I am to finally be able to use Lightroom, I could not be more grateful for VSCO —the iPhone version, that is, so we'll call it VSCO Cam —as it w…

Eid Outfit On Rina: Lavender Twist On Modern Baju Kurung

Rina's outfit here is very much reminiscent of my green and gold Eid outfit last year, and there is a reason for that: she borrowed that green top to bring to our tailor and said she wants to turn the 2-metre lavender hued material she had into something similar to my top.

Hers has long sleeve…

Eid Outfit on Mak: Modern Baju Kurung

In case you're not from this side of the world, "Mak" is what I call my mommeeyh!

My mom, my little sister, and I went to an open house together with Shah after which I took the opportunity  to not only photograph the traditional baju kurung I had on but also my mom and my sister Rin…

Eid Outfit: The Traditional Baju Kurung | Electric Blue & Golds

I keep talking about wanting to wear a two-piece baju kurung to share on this blog, so finally here is oneee.

This electric blue baju kurung actually belongs to my mother, which I successfully pinched from her right before I got engaged to Shah; I remember saying I wanted to wear it for my engagem…

Eid Outfit: Electric Blue Scarf & Black Bedazzled Abaya

Excited to be sharing another Eid outfit with you guys!
Nothing fancy though, but, still, it's still Eid!!! (Sort of.)

This was my first black abaya EVER. It came with a matching black scarf but I had swapped that for an extra punch of colour, wearing this shiny, almost-glittery scarf I bought…

Dress Over Jeans Trend | Quirky Shirt Top + Pleated Bottom Dress (With Millennial Pink!)

Seoul is a real shopping haven, especially for someone with a small budget like me. So doesn't it not make sense that I managed to bring back only two additions to my closet? I mean, two measly things, can you believe it? If you had asked me prior to my trip, "Would you bring back only tw…

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