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What I Wore To F1 Sepang Qualifying Day 2017: Birds Of Paradise Babydoll Top & Split-Side Skirt | Does Uniqlo Airism Really Work?

Sadly, 2017 is the final year of Malaysia hosting Formula One in Sepang. It was just last year that I started to love the sport but now my dream of annually watching it has come to a crashing end (pun intended). Shah and I talk about watching it in neighbouring Singapore and perhaps even Monaco (h…

H&M Eyebrow Kit Powder and Wax in Espresso & Clear Brow Shaping Gel

Since I don't experiment as much with makeup anymore, the need to purchase makeup (or should I say the "want") is a lot lesser than clothes. But when H&M's makeup range is not available in Malaysia and I go to a place where it is available, Imma get my hands on some of them g…

Tiered Ruffle White Shirt & Edgy Ballerina Flats | Why I Don't Love This Shirt

I surprised myself by bringing this white shirt with tiered ruffles home with me as it's not really "my style", and yet I felt compelled to make a space for it in my closet. And you know what? I really, really like the top.

The reason why I stopped short of using the word "love&…

H&M 'Moon & Stars' Black Satin Dress at Common Ground, Seoul | Why This Outfit Is A Fail For Me

I absolutely ADORE this black satin dress, with its beautiful moon and stars print, but in the end it still couldn't save this outfit for me unfortunately.
Will explain why later, but just so you guys know: not every outfit I ever shot was a complete success, and this is definitely one of them…

Bohemian Denim Jacket (with Little Pom Poms!) & Red Ruffle Maxi Dress

Does everyone have one thing in their closet that they have too much of? I think it's pretty common for a person to think she has too many denim jeans (don't we all) but how about, say, denim jackets? Like, what is the normal number of denim jacket a girl should have in her closet?

I just …

Oversized Cinderella Top from Shanghai Disneyland Park & Patched Ripped Jeans

This is one of the more priceless tops I own, hands down. (I love my Disney things, after all!) I got this oversized peachy pink Cinderella top when I went to Disneyland Shanghai, alongside this Alice In Wonderland box clutch — really, how adorable is the top, right?? It's not cookie-cutter &q…

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