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Two-Tone Oversized Denim Jacket & Polka Dots Wide Culottes

Last weekend I went to a local "interactive" arts and lights installation exhibition with my family, and I've got to admit that one of the main reasons for my going was for the (quite Instagrammable) photo ops! But seriously, in all honesty, cool events like this rarely happen in my hood so it was a great way to spice up what would have otherwise been a regular non-exciting weekend.

How To Dress A Little 'Extra' | Belted Duster & Loop Hoop Earrings

Lately my looks have been very much pared down to super casual. I mean, 'super casual' is my go-to style, but I kind of miss being a little extra when it comes to dressing up, you know?

It seems like my style "heyday" happened whenever I traveled overseas; I remember being comple…

Shah's Chambray Shirt & Red Studded Strappy Ballet Flats

Hi, remember how I like to "steal" Shah's clothes? I'm back it againnn — except I'm stealing my regular favourite again, namely this chambray shirt. Honestly at this point I should just call it my shirt since I cherish it more than he does...

Black Robe & Champagne Statement Mules

I call myself a "colour chaser" (seriously, it used to be in my Instagram bio even) but I'm not opposed to an all-black outfit either. I definitely understand the appeal of dressing oneself in black head-to-toe — or in my case here, almost all black head-to-toe.

Just like any other c…

ICYMI: My Instagram Friend Sketched Me

It was so exciting when I found out my Instagram friend @ati_o had taken the time to sketch me and watercolour it in! I've never met Ati before but I've always admired her from her feed: she's basically a super woman who travels the world for work and yet has time to compete as a triat…

My Little Black Backpack & The Not So On-Trend Grey Pinstriped Blazer

With the exception of the love affair I had with my Adidas drawstring backpack which I wore throughout my F1 experiencelast year, I don't think I'm much of the backpack fan in general. But seriously though, I have been carrying this little thayng with me everywhere I go, including to F1 Ra…

Scenes at Sepang Formula One F1NALE 2017

As sad as I am about not seeing F1 at Sepang anymore, I do think Malaysia had a good run hosting the event for 19 years — I mean, Formula One in Malaysia was as old as a 19-year-old teenager for goodness sake!
(PS: Still constantly wish I had discovered my affinity for the sport earlier though...)

What I Wore to F1 Sepang Race Day 2017: Teal Leopard Print Top, Little Black Backpack & Adidas Superstar Slip-Ons

I decided not to bother with any top-layering for the second day of my 2017 F1 Sepang experience, unlike the day before in my bird of paradise matching babydoll top and skirt and stuck with a top that I could wear just fine on its own. I wish I could just wear the trumpet skirt as is, too, but the…

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