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My 2018 Everyday Uniform That I'm Bringing Into 2019

Flipping through the hangers in Shah's side of the closet instead of mine, as always! But honestly, though, this is how I dress like 85.7% of the time (also equivalent to 6 out of 7 days a week), because creating an outfit by throwing together oversized shirt + jeans + sneakers can rarely go w…

4 Best Blog Template Designers To Work With On Etsy

We're almost entering a new year! I find that a lot of bloggers like to freshen up their blog look around this time of the year, so I want to share a tip that might be useful to bloggers out there.

I scour the web for pre-made blog templates a lot but I find that Etsy is still the best and mos…

What To Wear With The Top You've Worn Over & Over Again

When I first started blogging about outfits, wearing an entirely new outfit was the thing that I was excited to share about the most. Nowadays it's more about challenging myself on how to wear that one item that I've worn over and over again while making it look like an entirely new outfit…

Man! I Feel Like A Woman! | Silk-like Printed Matching Set & Rainbow Glitter Booties

My style is overall very casual, always with a hint of androgyny in it. Once in a while though I fancy a venture into a somewhat more feminine territory, and the way I fancy doing it is with an outfit that looks like this silk-like printed set.

What is it about silk-like material and those danglin…

Same Dress, Different Styling | Floral Ruffle Dress & Face Earrings

I mused out loud about the lack of long-sleeved maxi dresses — and maxi skirts, might I add — in the market back in 2016.
And today, I'm about to do it again. Brace yourself, people.

I can't help it, but if there's a way for people to understand why I keep "musing out loud" (…

How To Wear Men's Clothes Like They're Yours

I have been borrowing Shah's clothes for almost as long as I've been married to him — that is, almost nine years now. I'm not talking about wearing his t-shirts when I go to sleep, no; I'm talking "not finding anything to wear" from my closet racks, glancing at his (tinie…

Around The Web: Feminism, Fast Fashion Woes & Fonts

One thing I got into the habit of doing before my sleeping time is to read short articles. A bad habit according to science, but it's so addictive, guys. Perhaps I need an intervention?

Combined that with my incessant blog-reading during the day (reminder: I am a stay-at-home wife, hence, the …

How To Wear Your Favourite Blazers

Blazers are one thing I constantly rely on to make up my outfits because they're just so versatile and honestly, they look gewddd on anybody and everybody. While denim jackets serve the same purpose, blazers streamline an outfit even more and add a kind of casual classiness to it.

My blazers g…

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