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Currently In Seoul

Hey darlings, just want to let you all know that I am back in Seoul for the third time (ahhh!). Also:
It ❄SNOWED❄ here yesterday!!! I was extremely excited! It was probably the third time in my life to have seen snow falling that heavily; the last time was back in Paris in early 2013.
I finally go…

Wanderlusting & Seeking Travel Deals

View from our gondola | Venice, Italy, August 2017
If you had told me back in my university years that I would be travelling around the world as much as I have been for the past few years, I'd not only be in total disbelief but also in complete wonderment. Never in my wildest dreams back then I…

Top 10 Favourite Outfits of 2017

You know what they say: better late than never!
I know how incredibly late this post is, seeing as how we are already nearing the end of the first month of 2018, but since I remember regretting not doing it for 2015 I just know that I would regret not compiling a roundup of my 2017 favourites. Hop…

Black Cape Blazer & Black Studded Abaya Dress

I usually wear my abayas as is, so it's a pleasant surprise even to myself when I saw how well this modern cape blazer matched this traditional abaya dress (the abaya was my Eid Al-Adha outfit in 2016). This abaya may be studded but it's still relatively simple, so I'm loving how a lot…

Disney At Heart Forever (Or...Not?)

Most of the nostalgic animated Disney movies of my childhood left a lasting mark on me — longer than most people I know. I recently asked my 12-year-old niece if she still likes Disney princesses and she said "Nope", and when asked "Did you grow out of them" she vehemently said…

How To Make The Outfit Everyone Is Wearing Your Own | Glen Plaid Blazer & Burgundy Booties

Plaid Blazer High Waist Crop Jeans Burgundy Boots
Seriously, is it an exaggeration to say that anyone's who's into "fashunnn" seems to own a glen plaid blazer now? 
Or a plaid anything, really?

My 2017 Photoshoot Bloopers

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my collection of 2017 outfits! I would have loved to have done a roundup of my favourites, like I did back in 2016 (and also, let's face it, like what most bloggers do every end of a year cuz it's fun and all) but I got distracted with my year-end's plans, oopsie, sorry about that guysss.

Question: Is it too late to do a roundup though? I actually really want to do one, but what do you think?

Exploring Home Decor Options for Our Second Home

More of #ThatHotelLife For Me
2017 was basically the "year of traveling" for Shah and I; we got the opportunity to visit cities in countries we've never been to for his work and experience these places unlike others have — I mean, what about that one-month stint in Shanghai, right? (…

Statement Sweater & Spotted Tiered Skirt | Another Holiday Look

I had been looking for a good tiered skirt for a few months now but for some reason H&M was not one of the stores I went into in my search for it, so, well well well whaddayaknow? This skirt also has a cutesy matching flowy tank top which I almost bought as well but decided at the last minute that it would be too hard to work into my modest hijabi style.

#2017BestNine of @theliyanaaris

Goodness, apparently I uploaded 348 photos on Instagram last year?? That's almost once a day.

Here are nine of my most liked photos from 2017 — in which I discovered my followers liked to see my face in a photo 7 out of 9 times, so I take it as a good sign! ✌

Every single of them were actually…

Happy 2018! | A Casual Holiday Look with Spider Mules & Red Saffiano Leather Bag

Happy New Year guysssssss!

I hope you all had the best holiday! To those who celebrated Christmas, I hope yours was a very merry one.

My family and I got to spend the Christmas break together in Penang where we celebrated my nephew's 7th birthday as well. First of all though: I honestly didn&#…

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