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Currently In Milan

YESSSSSSS and can you tell that I'm excited by the capitalisation of my "yes" plus the multiple S's?
I was actually just here last year in July/August during the summer when it was really hot, but since it is currently winter now I am experiencing the city in quite a different wa…

Spice Up Winter Dressing: Layering Tulle Skirt Over Jeans

I tried my best to dress more practically during my recent winter trip by putting comfort before style but nobody says I have to completely disregard the latter, amiright?

When I think "winter", skirts are not the first thing that comes to mind but I like the idea of layering tons of the…

How To Prepare & Dress For Subzero Winter | The Real-life Winter Essentials

I read so many outfit posts on dressing for winter but I found that I couldn't relate to most of them. I mean, a long chic coat over a sweater with jeans underneath and a pair of sneakers and...that's it? That's their version of winter-dressing?? (Sometimes without socks too, the audacity.)

Another viable theory: perhaps I'm the one who's susceptible to freezing during winter and I'm just envious of them, of course.

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I'm known to really dislike cold temperatures so imagine my horror when I checked Seoul's weather pre-departure and found out the temperatures would range from -14℃ (eek!!!) to 6℃. I've been through some cold winters previously but never in my life have I experienced subzero temperatures! I admittedly panicked a little but in the end that did me good because it made me more prepared for my trip.

The important winter essentials
I concentrated on packing mainly winter essentials which I will now share here, in the hopes that it'll help convert other winter-hating peeps into those who look forward to their next winter vacation!
PS: My ultimate winter-essential "secret" is the last on the list, so read on!

Instagram Outfit: No Makeup & All Bundled Up in Seoul

With its subzero winter temperatures, it was a relief to pop into metro stations or anywhere indoors in Seoul! These shots were taken quickly as Shah and I were waiting to take a train to Dongdaemun to get a hot meal of grilled fish, rice with kimchi and spicy squid — our favourite in Seoul.


The Return of the Varsity Coat & Cat-Ears Beanie: Snow Day In Seoul

One of the many things that got me  the person living in a tropical country  excited about going to Seoul and experiencing its winter: I get to whip out my all-time favourite winter coat againnn, namely this oversized tan/camel varsity coat!

Plus omg guys IT SNOWED WHEN I WAS IN SEOUL ahhhhhhh!!! This was I think only my third time ever witnessing snow falling, so I was understandably excited.

What I Wore on a Cold Winter Day in Nami Island | Layering Puffer Jacket + Houndstooth Checkered Coat

Layering Puffer Jacket and Houndstooth Plaid Coat
Let me just say this: puffer jackets, from here onwards till forever, will be my best friends in winter.

Well OK since this lime green puffer jacket — that I've had for years and years — is the only puffer jacket I own, I guess it is officially my best friend every winter. (That is, until I get a new, cuter one in a more classic colour because lime green really is a hard shade to match, guys.)

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