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How To Match Polka Dot With Plaid | A Reminder To Be Shamelessly Touristy

We're told to "never take things for granted", but is it really possible to NEVER take things for granted? The pessimist in me just doesn't believe it is; there's just something embedded in our DNA that makes us unable to acknowledge Every SINGLE Good Fortune that is presente…

Official New Winter Best Friend

Back in Malaysia and so ready to get on with my winter outfits from Milan/Rome and Seoul. While you're getting your dose of spring freshness from others, just bear with me for a while with all these wintery vibes, will you?

I've shared an up-close of this dark navy blue winter jacket from …

Currently (Back) In Seoul!

I knowww, right? I'm absolutely delighted to be back so soon in Seoul! The temperature here is still pretty low (dipped to 0℃ for a couple of nights and snowed a little yesterday!) but relatively warmer compared to my last subzero Seoul winter trip back in January.

Shah is working most of the …

Favourite Zebra-Print Cardigan & Floral Embroidered Boots | Photo Quality In Blogging

You know, an outfit post like this one makes me think about my purpose for blogging. Unlike other style/fashion bloggers — who share beautiful magazine-worth images, or share the latest goss in style & fashion, or educate others about the fashion industry, or so many other things, really — min…

Floral Blazer & Floral Pants Make A Floral Suit | Still Learning About Static Cling

In hindsight, as cute as this floral suit is (well, I think so anyway), it really wasn't the most practical thing to wear during winter in Milan because remember I said how incredibly staticky of a person I am? Which means materials that tend to easily carry static charge reeeally aren't t…

Belted Hooded Duster & Black Stan Smith

While others are so getting ready for spring by storing their heavy-duty jackets and fishing out their pretty pastel-y things, I am back here in hot and humid summer-all-year-round Malaysia, busy editing my wintery Milan outfits in the comfort of my home workspace, wearing a t-shirt and shorts wit…

Two-Toned Black Jeans, New Winter Jacket & Fresh Timberland Boots

zara navy blue faux fur winter jacket
In reference to my previous post on the green puffer jacket + pink Timberland boots — on me wanting another winter jacket and another Timberland boots  I am pleased to announce that I have acquired a brand-new winter jacket AND a new pair of Timberland boots.

Well, except my new winter jacket isn't a puffer jacket like I talked about.....and my new Timberland boots aren't the classic camel brown version I mentioned.....but who's to say they aren't better?

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ sending virtual love, hugs and kisses to every woman in every corner of the world! I am blessed to know plenty of strong women - both in real life and in social media - who are doing great things in their life. We may not all be loud activists but there is true im…

Photo Diary: Winter at Nami Island, South Korea

I've been wanting to go to Nami Island ever since my first trip to Seoul but with Shah's work schedule, time just never seemed to permit it  until my third time visiting the city, that is (finally!)Nami Island is technically not in Seoul but it is near enough for a day trip; a 50-minute train trip + a short 5-minute ferry ride were needed to get to the beautiful island.

My Cosy But Static Ines de la Fressange Uniqlo Scarf + The Day The Camera Blacked Out

I almost didn't share this outfit here on my blog but changed my mind because turns out I managed to get exactly four (somewhat) decent photos of it. But let me just back it up a little and explain what happened: my camera died on me mid-shoot in Seoul.
PS: The second time it happened, actually…

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