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Sweet Embroidered Cloth Ballet Flats from China & My Sartorial Willpower

Maybe you remember this flowy green high-front-low-back top that I wore on Eid two years ago? I expressed excitement at the anticipation of wearing it with jeans in that Eid outfit post, so #goalsachieved as this is already the second time I'm jeans-ing the versatile top on the blog.

But the …

Modesty Is Priority | Pleated Dress, Rainbow Glitter Boots & Bejeweled Bag from Dubai

Usually when Ramadhan rolls around I'd already be thinking about shopping for outfits for the celebratory month of Syawal, but living part-time in two cities and the resulting exhaustion from having to travel constantly between three cities (we still have to occasionally visit Shah's homet…

My Airport Outfit (That I Didn't Wear To The Airport) | Adidas Velour Track Pants & Sneakers

Ever since I picked up these velour track pants, they were all I wore whenever I was in for a long-haul flight — to and from; I would actually send it for washing at wherever hotel I stayed at just so that I could have them on again for my flight back home. I haven't travelled since my trip to…

What Happened Recently

I used to do similar "What Happened Recently" posts with the intention of making it a series but it's been forgotten until now! I feel like it's a chance for me to share some relatively more personal/intimate tidbits about myself on this blog.
Let's get on with it, shall we?


Why I Love Blazers

When I first started wearing the hijab about seven years ago I had to find ways to utilise my already-existing clothing pieces, as overhauling my entire wardrobe was not a viable option for my wallet + bank account (but not-so-oddly the complete opposite of what my heart said).  That meant "h…

The Floral 'Pajama' Shirt

I wonder why people love to hate on the whole floral-for-spring thing? Could it really be the result of Devil Wears Prada's iconic line? Sure, it isn't all that "groundbreaking" but isn't floral for spring as synonymous as pastels are for spring, or warm hues for autumn, or, …

Detailed Fuzzy Culottes, Off-the-shoulder Button-up & Red Mules | A Hypothetical Office Style

Is anyone else getting "office vibes" from this outfit, or is it just me?

I didn't even notice it while wearing the outfit but realised it much later during editing these photos. I don't mean "office vibes" in a negative way though, not at all; if I had a creative job i…

Favourite Abaya, Baby Speedy & Samosa Mules

I adore this old sequinned-sleeve black abaya so much that I've worn it countless times, especially to weddings. The fact that it's almost solid black allows me to treat it sort of like a "blank canvas", allowing various stylings to give a different result each time.

Look 1: With

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