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How Wearing Different Accessories Can Set Your Outfit's Tone

It amazes me how changing up the styling of the same outfit can transform the entire vibe of a look. Case in point: I wore the same exact birds of paradise print babydoll top and its matching split side skirt to the F1 Sepang qualifying day last year, pairing them with silver earrings, aviator sha…

Cat-Ears Glasses

I hear so much talk on cat-eye sunglasses and even glasses, but let's not neglect their adorable ears either, shall we?

I have this delightful pair of cat-ear sunglasses from Tokyo so for when it came the time for me to switch the frames of my glasses, why not go for a cat-ear-inspired one as …

Just Peachy | Summery Gingham Ribboned Espadrilles & Wicker Camera Bag

While it may be hot and humid all year round here in Malaysia — in other words, summer all day errrday (albeit with way more rainfall, that is) — we get inspired looking at the seasonal fashion around the globe too, and even adapt accordingly.

With the local weather here, it would be very appropri…

How To Create Makeshift Modern-Traditional Baju Kurung With Separate Pieces

If you've been visiting Affordorable for a while, you might know my affinity for loose abayas and caftan dresses for celebrating Eids as well as for attending weddings here in Malaysia, but the traditional baju kurung will always have a special place in my heart — especially the ones tailored …

The Long White Shirt I Couldn't Figure Out How To Wear Since 2015/16 - Until Now

We're encouraged to edit out the items in your closet (and life in general) to keep things in check, but you can already tell from the title of this post that I'm not known for my stellar skillz of spring-cleaning my closet. It's just that a small number of items — I promise, it's …

The Rainbow Box Bag I Coveted

Do you follow me on Instagram? If you do, perhaps you remember me getting down to business and asking my Instagram friends to hypothetically choose between a pink glittery lips-shaped bag and a rainbow box bag?

Although the lips bag received some love — thankfully so, as I had bought it before posing the question — most of the peeps who sweetly took the time to answer preferred the rainbow bag, which resulted in me zooming right back to the shop to get this rainbow confectionary.

Just Another Plaid Suit

What is it about suits that I like so much? Other than the fact that putting one on immediately makes me feel like I'm already all dressed up?
(And also, kind of cool?)

I don't know the whys but I do know I have an exceptionally soft spot for suits at the moment — or any matching tops and pants, really, and by the way: I talk about this a lot.

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