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How To Wear Men's Clothes Like They're Yours

I have been borrowing Shah's clothes for almost as long as I've been married to him — that is, almost nine years now. I'm not talking about wearing his t-shirts when I go to sleep, no; I'm talking "not finding anything to wear" from my closet racks, glancing at his (tinie…

Around The Web: Feminism, Fast Fashion Woes & Fonts

One thing I got into the habit of doing before my sleeping time is to read short articles. A bad habit according to science, but it's so addictive, guys. Perhaps I need an intervention?

Combined that with my incessant blog-reading during the day (reminder: I am a stay-at-home wife, hence, the …

How To Wear Your Favourite Blazers

Blazers are one thing I constantly rely on to make up my outfits because they're just so versatile and honestly, they look gewddd on anybody and everybody. While denim jackets serve the same purpose, blazers streamline an outfit even more and add a kind of casual classiness to it.

My blazers g…

In Need of Inspiration | Teal Leopard Print Top & Red Round Wicker Bag

Have you ever felt like you're stuck in a rut? If you've never, well, I envy you because right now I'm in a rut that I don't know how to get out of.  In fact, I think I've been in and out of this rut — a little hole of an uninspired place — for this entire year.  Before I make …

The Wrapper Bag from Jonker Street, Melaka + My Favourite Pinstriped Blazer

I certainly didn't think my new favourite bag would come from Jonker Street in Melaka, the unlikely place for people to hunt for current fashion trends. Trinkets and knickknacks, sure, but your latest favourite handbag?

Nu-uh, not on Jonker Street. And yet here is a locally handmade bag with l…

The Lightroom Presets I Love For Editing Photos

They say a photo is only as good as how you take it and no preset (or filter, if you prefer to call it that) could change it, but you can't deny the game-changing power of presets nowadays.

I exclusively shoot RAW on auto mode using my camera and am clueless about shooting on manual (I know, d…

(Almost) Monochromatic in White

I used to be so afraid of wearing white, which was the result of fear of accidentally:
(1) spilling a drink on myself,
(2) splattering food on myself,
(3) plopping my butt on a stain, and
(4) people spilling stuff on me.

PS: Don't get me started on how scary wearing white pants during that time…

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