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Affordorable is now The Good Weekender

From now on, my blog will operate under the new name The Good Weekender.
Changing my blog's name was one of the toughest decision in my blogging life, for sure, but it was inevitable. As much as I love the name Affordorable — I already even kind of miss it! — it was a name that starte…

I Was In Medina & Mecca

It was relatively last minute, too. Shah and I had dreamed of performing the umrah for a while and had hoped to perform it in the next few years or so, but when the surprising opportunity to perform it this very year came calling, we just had to answer it! 
We have a saying that goes something lik…

The Dress I've Been Wearing Since Forever Without Knowing It

How is it that I never knew the style of the dresses I've been wearing for basically forever has a specific name?
I was editing the photos for this geometric dress + striped blazer post when the word "prairie" oddly kept popping into my head. I didn't understand why that was but…

Gentlelady Edition: Peachy Pink Trousers & Floral Print Loafers

This getup isn't my usual style but I felt like trying out something new on this day. Wide-cut trousers like the pair I wear here are not really my jam, but the sweet peachy pink hue somehow got to me. (PS: #suckerforagoodcolour)
Plus, they felt so comfortable and airy when I tried them on, ma…

Why I Stopped Blogging About Beauty

Aside from style, I have a firm interest in makeup and beauty, hence, enjoy blogging about them as well. Those two topics have been absent from this little virtual space for some time now, however. Outfit posts have always been the focal point of this blog so I'm guessing not many of my reader…

The Way To Dress Up Faster: The Matching Set Shortcut

Honestly, I don't know which I love more: a mix-and-match pairing that just works (e.g. the recent geometric print + stripes ensemble) or an adorable matching set.
But hey, who says you have to choose between the two, amirite? The style world is our oyster, baybeh.

While the former presents a …

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