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11 Favourite Quotes From Stranger Things | Eleven T-shirt & Vintage Levi's Denim Jacket

When Stranger Things 3 went live on Netflix earlier this month, I knew I would be unable to start bingeing on it on its first day out due to travelling. Sure, I could've just started watching it on my iPhone, but a big part of the show's attraction is the gorgeous visuals so that would be …

Sky Blue Ruffles, Lavender Accent & FRIENDS Socks

Let's bear in mind that I am a hijabi living in a hot and humid country, where wearing ONE single layer is deemed the most desirable dress-up option (with a spare jacket to throw on inside cold air-conditioned indoor areas), and that single layer has to be long-sleeved and be cooling enough, O…

The Ready-made Beige Maxi Dress That Fit Me Like A Glove

During the recent month of Ramadhan, I went on a solo quest to find a nude/beige/cream dress to wear to the upcoming nude/beige/cream-themed wedding of my cousin in Pekanbaru (the solemnization had a mint green theme) when I saw this beige maxi dress hanging all alone on a rack at a bazaar.

PS: You…

When The Main Attraction Of The Outfit Is Not The Star

Don't get me wrong: I do really like this tied oversized striped white denim jacket (phew that's a mouthful). Big fan of stripes and of denim jackets here — especially oversized ones and especially tied oversized denim jackets.

My guess is this particular tied oversized striped white denim…

Sorbet Ombre Caftan with The Sweetest Pearl Sewn Scarf

OK, let's talk about this sorbet ombre caftan. Guys, I LOVE THIS CAFTAN. I bought it in 2014 when I paired it with a printed scarf for Eid, and has been wearing it many times since. I then matched the caftan with a soft pink hijab for a wedding in 2016 (in which I matched this caftan with the …

The 'Pyjama' Top My Mother-In-law Surprisingly Liked (& Wanted For Herself)

My mother-in-law and I have very different tastes when it comes to fashion. Most of the times, my sense of style borders on casual ragged, when she would like me to dress more sweet and feminine. Her choice of shades are exclusively deep, bold jewel tones (which I adore, yes), while soft pastel co…

Why I Blog About My Outfits | The Golden Dress

The day I was wearing this dress and was getting ready to go outside to shoot it, I was asked, "Haven't you already shot this dress before?"

Yes I have, once, but...what's wrong with me wanting to shoot it again?

This printed maxi dress is one of my favourite things in my closet,…

Wanderlusting & An Important Travel Tip

Remember the time when I refused to get my photos taken, in PARIS AND ROME AND ALL THOSE WONDERFUL EUROPEAN CITIES, of all places?
Remember when I lived in New Zealand for four and a half years and never once went on a scenic trip voluntarily?
You may not remember but I absolutely do. I try to mak…

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