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An Outfit NOT For A Walk In The Park

Well, I may not be much of a park person but when you're running errands at a place you rarely frequent that just so happens to be beside a beautiful park...why not be a park person for the day?
(Bonus points if you also happen to have a camera with you for some quick snaps, of course.)


Brown Plaid Blazer & Camel Jeans | Autumnal Vibes

As I'm typing this post, I'm gazing out of this hotel's window at a green field lined with green trees, and beyond that, I see a sliver of brown beach with waves crashing against it. Yep, living #thathotellife currently and very much enjoying it, thank you very much. Even the slight ra…

Dressing Up A Dressing Down | Adidas Floral Sweater & Black High-waist Pants

There have been a lot of days when I just wear the first things I see without caring much what the end result is. Seriously, a lot of days.
A. Lot.
(And those days are not documented for this blog, obvs.)

But then there are also days when I just do not have the energy or care enough to dress up bu…

Feeling The Blues With More Polka Dots

Last year when I was getting ready to wear this vibrant polka dot dress I almost matched it with my polka dot Adidas Stan Smith sneakers — which, coincidentally, come in the same exact colour combo: blue background with red polka dots. Adding the sneakers at the time seemed like overkill somehow a…

What Is Hemophilia? Growing Up Around It + How You Can Help The Hemophilia Society of Malaysia

Have you heard of the name "Hemophilia"? It's OK if you haven't because truthfully, there's a big chance I wouldn't have either if I didn't grow up around it.

What Is Hemophilia?Hemophilia (or Haemophilia) is a hereditary bleeding disorder in which there's not…

6 Ways To Style Colourful Statement Sneakers

If you didn't know that colourful statement sneakers could be as versatile as white sneakers — well, almost as versatile, let's not kid ourselves here — I'm going to try and prove it to you.

To be completely honest, when I first spotted these multitone sneakers years ago my thought wa…

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