Oversize My Tops & Widen My Pants, Please

As a hijabi, I think it's a true blessing that I have a natural affinity for oversized tops. It certainly makes dressing up modestly more enjoyable, and not simply a requirement.

I've owned this oversized grey top for maybe about seven years now and it still remains one of my favourite to…

My 2019 Photoshoot Bloopers

As per usual, not one photoshoot I did last year went without a hitch, but the more important things to remember are:
(1) It was genuinely fun experimenting with my style and documenting the outfits that resulted from it, and
(2) I thankfully have a FREE and (somewhat) willing photographer (and sometimes two) to shoot all those outfits for me.
PS: Many thanks to my husband and younger sister xoxoxo

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I'm a modest blogger based in Malaysia. Here on The Good Weekender, you can find journals of my evolving modest personal style, based on the art of looking casually stylish while still remaining modest, and doing it all on a budget.