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Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part II-II: Donald Duck + What Is Disneybound?

Perhaps I should have taken the time to explain the concept before creating multiple posts on the subject: what IS this Disneybounding? 
It all began with this rule: while kids are free to dress up as their favourite Disney character, it is a big no-no for adults. All Disneylands have cast members d…

Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part II: Daisy Duck

Onwards to Part II of III of my Disneybounding outfits from December last year, which, by the way, might just be my favourite one out of all three.Since I feel slight guilt over saying I favour this over my Minnie outfit (you'll always be my girl, Minnie!), I'm going to try to justify (to m…

Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part I-II: Mickey Mouse

Remember when I said I managed to convince Shah to Disneybound alongside me? Can I just say: he made the perfect Mickey to my Minnie. (I am biased, naturally.)His Disneybound Mickey outfit is based on the "fancier" Mickey in the black blazer, red pants, black shoes, and white waistcoat wi…

Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part I: Minnie Mouse

OK, I've finally done it —
DISNEYBOUNDED, you guys!It's (weirdly) been my dream for years to give Disneybounding a go, which is a Disneyland-related trend I learned about only after visiting the Disneylands of Paris, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Then, with our 10th wedding anniversary approaching …

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