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Little Photo Diary: Hisham & Cu's Solemnization at The Westin Desaru Beach

My elder brother had a low-key, intimate solemnization ceremony earlier this month at the beautiful beach of The Westin Hotel in Desaru, followed by a breakfast reception afterwards.It was simultaneously both the fanciest and the simplest solemnization I've ever attended, somehow. I'm not q…

Favourite Fancy Pancake Recipe: Gordon Ramsay's Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

When I was studying in New Zealand, I looked forward to Sundays the most because that was the one day when I could take a breather; I would sleep in, watch all the TV I wanted (all the good shows on regular programming were on Sunday back then!), make long calls to my family and friends back home i…

What Happened Recently: A Family Addition, New Old Makeup & Netflix Obsessions

This week, Malaysia entered its second nationwide limited-movement lockdown (with the exception of a few states) as a way to combat the new wave of Covid cases. I have to mention this because coincidentally:
1. My big brother got married last weekendAnd on the same day this second CMCO is announced,…

Disneybounding at Hong Kong Disneyland, Part III-II: Queen Elinor the Bear

Am I right in saying there is not a chance anyone guessed Shah Disneybounded as the black bear from Brave?
And not the cursed one that Princess Merida's father a.k.a. King Fergus regarded as his mortal enemy too, but the bear that Queen Elinor transformed into after eating the cake embedded with…

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