"My Best Friend's Makeover Challenge"? Challenge accepted!

Last Friday night, one of my best friends Husna texted me, saying that her sister Miera told her that there was going to be a makeup competition and she thinks Husna and i should enter it together. I did Husna's makeup on her engagement day so i was already familiar with her face and everything. Originally, though, Husna couldn't be my model since she had some wedding stuff to do (a week to go bebeh!) but long story short, she made herself available in the end.

The event was hosted by Guardian and was done in One Utama, old wing. Initially i was not interested, since i'm seriously not at all competitive. When it comes to makeup, it is usually for pure fun for me! It's just something that i enjoy doing and i don't really have any intention to do it professionally, although going to a professional makeup course is hopefully in my future! But it will still be a hobby to me.

The day before the event, as i was getting my hair cut, Husna texted me and encouraged me to join in. In her opinion, it would be good exposure for me. So i thought, why not for the experience? If i won, all the sweeter! The 3rd place offered 1k cash, so why not just tryyy?

So we registered our names at the very last minute. I had a little practice run that very night with Husna, who so kindly agreed to let me try some ideas on her. In the end i decided to go with the cat eye liners with really smokey crease and red lips - because i don't know how long these trends will last and i might as well have fun doing them while they're still in.

Shah and i and Husna and Mail before it started

Husna's sister suggested Husna wear that brown leather jacket and funnily enough i had the idea to wear my faux-leather jacket as well before she said that! So we decided to "coordinate". I loveee her hot pink dress. I think she liked MY dress too! We didn't talk about belts though so that was one total coincidence.

There were 11 pairs of best friends. Or should i say one true pair of best friends and 10 so-called best friends. Or i'm just being mean for no reason here, OK, OK. I love Husna so much i guess. We were Pair Number 1. The host also announced during the competition that Pair Number 1 were the ONLY Malays in the competition. Cute. Three judges from A Cut Above, L'oreal and Guardian (i think) would walk around and observe our "techniques" and "creativity" and whatnots.

We had one and a half hour to do makeup AND hair. I was not fully informed of the 'hair' part; as it turned out, 30% of the judging portion was on hair. I guess with A Cut Above being one of the sponsors (or something), there's no way out of that. We were actually nearly disqualified from the competition. Mail was all "Is it even in the terms and conditions???" which i kind of doubt, so after a while the registration lady came back to us and say we were allowed to enter, but i would need to play up Husna's scarf. Obviously i had no chance of winning now (not that i think i would, but i like having that chance!). So Husna and i just went ahead. Like we said, "For fun and experience kannn." Shah and Mail gamely took part unofficially in the makeover by running around OU to get a big fancy brooch for Husna's tudung at my request while Rina stayed there with us the whole time and took photos.

Husna's final look!

Husna head-to-toe with Mail

Husna had to literally model her look. Girl's got talent!

When they were announcing the winners, they were going to award the eight consolation prizes first. So one by one they called out other girls, and i'm not going to deny it, i was like, hot daymnnn do we actually have a chance of winning? I turned to Husna after number 6 or 7 and said, "They're going to play us and announce our names for the eighth and very last consolation prize aren't they?".

And that's exactly what they did.

But Husna and i just laughed and with big smiles we collected our goodie bags and posed for a photo with the judge who was giving out the consolation prizes.

All in all i had such a great time. And it definitely made me think that i could do it again and not be as nervous. I think my hands did shake a little bit before the thing started, but as i got into my stride, it felt like we were back in Husna's room and i was doing her makeup and chatting to her at the same time. It definitely helped that Shah, Rina and Mail were there to help made us feel at ease too!

So biggest, hugest thanks to my model Husna: you were such a darling to make up! To Mail, thank you for being there for Husna because in a way you were there for me too! Rina, walaupun kau eksyen (she just asked me "Eee kenapa Rina eksyen??? Jahat!"), terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab ambikkan gambar! And to my Sheh, you and your never ending support are amazing. I lav u allllllllll.

More photos by Rina:


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