Hi, I'm Liyana Aris, a modest style-lifestyle blogger based in Malaysia.
The Good Weekender serves as my journal, filled with stories about my favourite things on this planet. 

Style is definitely up there on my favourites list; my modest style journey started when I put on the hijab at the age of 25 and I'm enjoying documenting that ever-evolving journey here. I hope to provide styling inspirations to not just hijabis, but others who love dressing up as much as I do.

You can also find my personal stories on all things beauty, and the travels I've had the privilege of experiencing. Sometimes I like to just talk about food too, because isn't that everybody's favourite universal subject?

I'm a homemaker (and a furmamma of four) so I strive to be a sort of daily weekender: enjoying my weekdays as I do my weekends. It's less about (non-realistically) living the best life every single day, but more about savouring the little things life has to offer to you every single day.

Hopefully, your visit — or visits, I hope! — to this virtual space of mine will inspire you, one way or another 

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Hi, I'm Liyana

I'm a modest blogger based in Malaysia. Here on The Good Weekender, you can find journals of my evolving modest personal style, based on the art of looking casually stylish while still remaining modest, and doing it all on a budget.