Smokey Eyes with The Balm Jealous Jordana

This look is similar to the one i wore when i was my cousin Laila Fasyah's (Achot!) wedding on her husband's side.

The superstar in this look is one of my most favourite eyeshadows ever, Jealous Jordana from The Balm, a rich dark emerald green.

If you like the look, just read on!

1. Apply foundation - i used Avon Ideal Liquid Foundation in Pure Beige - then apply an eye primer. It's always a good idea to prep your eyes before a smokey eye look to prevent it turning into a racoon eye look. Then the first eyeshadow i applied right into my crease was Bronze by MAC from my 6 Dashing Lassies Eye Shadows palette. Blend the colour around.

2. Pack on Jealous Jordana on the lids right up to the crease.

3. Make a 'V' shape at the outer corner of your lid with a dark brown colour. Blend the colour around, staying just at the outer corner.

4. Line your lower lashes and in between them with Jealous Jordana.

5. Make the lower lashes smokier by adding the same dark brown we used earlier on the outer third only.

6. Line your waterline with either a black pencil liner or gel liner.

7. Apply concealer under your eye area to get rid of dark circles. Even if you don't have dark circles, appying concealer can brighten up your whole face. Conceal any spots you might have.

8. Powder your face where needed; for my oily/combination skin, it's the whole face. Get mascaraed with your most volumising mascara! I chose not to apply any blush, instead i straightaway contoured my cheeks with my Hot Mama bronzer from The Balm. Pucker up with your favourite nude lipstick and lipgloss.

Now it's done!

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