Make That Lipstick On Your Lips Lasts Longer

How to make your lisptick lasts longer? It's a question that has yet received one surefire answer. I know there are a lot of methods out there which guarantees long-lasting lip colour; so many that the only way to find out is to personally try each method and decide for yourself!

I now basically would (1) start with filling in my entire lips with a lip liner, (2) apply lipstick straight from the tube and with a lip brush, spread it around my lips (3) blot gently, (4) add more lipstick with a lip brush, (5) blot again, and finally add lip gloss. And then blotting it again slightly.

There is no miracle lipstick or formula. Yet, anyway; one can hope. But in the three years i have been experimenting with makeup, i have found some useful tips online. I know these tips have been repeated too many times. But let me stress on this: i'm merely commenting on these tips as how i personally found the effectiveness in them.

Tip 1: The lipstick does matter
More expensive doesn't mean better, but it is usually the ones that cost an arm and a leg that provide a better result. Or half an arm and half a leg. It doesn't mean you should go out and buy a Dior or Burberry one straight away, no, but it's about researching. Websites like MakeupAlley and Total Beauty have been very helpful to me in deciding what not to buy. I do think Revlon's lipsticks are of good quality. And no i don't use a lot of high end products, and i don't think that makes me any less of a serious makeup user than those who do, but to each her own.

If i were to splurge on more expensive lipsticks, i would go for MAC ones, definitely. One of my best friends wear a lot of MAC lipsticks, and she usually applies straight from the tube. But the colour lasts satisfyingly long. I know MAC has quite a range on lipsticks, but if i think she might use the Cremesheen ones. I only have one MAC lipstick, in Morange, but i use it for my undereye circles. I did try adding the orange on to my red lips the other day, and i loved the result. And the orange did last too!

Tip 2: Use a lip liner; not just to line the lips, but to have it act as a base as well
I always colour in my lips with a lip liner before adding lipstick or gloss. Lip liners can be very drying, so the creamy, more wet formula works better for this. It's like colouring in kindergarten or early primary school: line the outer line first, then fill in the rest! It's also better to use a lip liner that is of the same colour or same family colour as your lipstick.

I find that as the day goes on, after i've eaten or drank, my lip colour might disappear a little but the liner is still visible, so i could quickly apply more lipstick on top if i need to.

Tip 3: Conceal your lips first
This is especially handy if you're doing a look with nude lips. Just apply the same concealer you use for underneath the eyes or on your spots all over your lips to "cancel out" some of your natural lip colour. I use to conceal and apply lipstick straight from the tube, but i personally find a lip liner works as a better base for my lips.

Tip 4: Use a lip brush!
I've only started to do this very recently, and let me tell you, this works wonders for me. Lipstick straight from the tube goes away fast on me, but when applied with a brush, it does last quite a while longer! But instead of dipping the brush onto my lipstick and apply it to my lips, i actually do apply my lipstick straight from the tube, but instead of leaving it like it is, what i do is i distribute it all around my lips with a lip brush. Kind of really smudging the colour onto my lips and into the creases on the lips. I think it works just as well if you use your finger to do this. If i do the dipping-applying-dipping-applying again motion with the lip brush, it'd take me forever to finish my lips, hence the straight from the tube method.

I don't know why i've put this method off. Lisa Eldridge made a video of her getting ready for a party, and she taught her viewers how to make your red lips last all night. I tried looking for that video but can't remember important Googling details. I kind of remember her wearing this gorgeous red lips ring, which i LOVE. I'm sure she teaches the same thing in the videos where she does a strong lip colour, so just head over to her official page or YouTube channel to check them out.

Tip 5: Blot and reapply
Another useful tip i learned from the very same Lisa Eldridge video. Blot gently using a tissue, and i mean gently.

I used to clamp my lips over a piece of tissue and called it "blotting", but i don't think that was the right way. Instead, i now carefully place the tissue above my lower lip and sort of 'touch' my lower lip with it. Then with a clean side of the tissue, i gently touched my upper lip as well, making sure to blot the inner part of my lips too. This is important as if i don't do that, i get lipstick smears on my teeth more easily.

Tip 6: Pat on some powder and reapply
A tip that i think works, but rarely use. This i picked up from Lauren Conrad's makeup artist, on their beauty website The Beauty Department. I've tried this method before, and if i remember correctly, my lipstick did last a little longer, but i just prefer lip liner more. I would dip a finger onto my face powder and apply that on my lips, but it's icky for me to dip the same finger on the powder if i need to add more of it. I imagine some of my lipstick would transfer into the powder, and i don't like that idea. Of course, i can just use different fingers, but it's a hassle for me. But that's just me.

What you do is, after applying the first layer of lipstick, blot a little, and then pat some powder on top. Then another round of lipstick goes on top of that. The powder should be "holding" the layers together.

So those are the methods that i've tried and liked. I hope you've find your way of making your lip colour last longer!


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