Deborah Milano and Debby Makeup Load + Other Essentials

Deborah Milano and Debby are two brands i spotted but previously ignored in Monoprix, because i've never heard of them. My attention is always diverted to Bourjois (always this one first, since this isn't available in Malaysia), L'oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel and Revlon. Until one day when i wanted to do a look that involves a nude pencil, something i had forgotten to stash in my small makeup bag to Paris. I didn't find a nude pencil that i like in Monoprix, but instead a hot pink lipstick from Debby and a white eye pencil by Deborah Milano caught my attention.

I went home to Google Debby and Deborah Milano. There were only a few reviews, however, as they are not widely available, not even in the UK i think (unless anyone knows otherwise?). The two brands are from Italy and online reviews seems to tout them as high-performing drugstore brands, especially Deborah Milano. Sounded good so far to me.

Then it struck me, it's such a waste for me to be here in Europe and not be adventurous and try out new brands, even if i've never heard of them. What a shame it would be, right?

Monoprix recently offered 15% off for ALL makeup products on 16 February to their members. Since i'm a  sucker for discounts, i decided it was the best time to try out some things from the two brands.

They all look so pretty and new, i don't have the heart to even test them out yet. But i will soon, they need some lovin' after all =) and then hopefully some of them will get their own personal review.

I purchased two necessities from Auchan supermarket as well.

OK, the scissors are not necessarily a necessity. I just wanted a pair anyway. My eyebrows have been unruly lately, which made me think it's time to try out trimming again. My last attempt at trimming my brows kind of verged on disastrous, but i thought it's time i try it again. We'll see how that one goes.

This was on the packaging; i don't know why, but it looks to me like the moustache is on a woman... Kind of tickles me.

OK, maybe it's just me then.

Lip balm on the other hand is necessary. I was in a hurry when i grabbed this one, thinking it was a Nivea one. The label looks similar doesn't it? And the flavour is guava, something i've never tried before.

And i'm a happy girl now!


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