Essence Eye Brushes

I was intrigued by the brushes in the very messy Essence's section in Auchan supermarket (let's hope Auchan has stocked up and cleaned up). The coloured bristles are interesting, plus they are both below 5 EUR. I saw four brushes - powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush and eyeliner brush - but only grabbed the two eye brushes. The other face brushes looked really pretty with their pink and purple bristles but looked a little too flimsy to get their job done.

Left: Essence Gel Eyeliner Brush; Right: Essence Eyeshadow Brush

Essence Eyeshadow Brush

I wasn't looking for another eye brush but this one caught my eyes because it resembles Eman Aziz's Mint shadow brush.
This brush does an OK job, on par with its cheap price. It won't pack as much colour on my lids as a MAC 239 for example but for a wash of colour all over the lids, this isn't bad at all. I would apply an eyeshadow using one side of the bristles and the tip can be used for some blending. 
I'm not sure what the bristles are made of but they have to be synthetic. They're not very soft, can feel a little harsh on the lids and can be quite poke-y. 

Gel Eyeliner Brush

It didn't perform as well as i thought it would. It's not the best at drawing a thin straight line with gel liner; the bristles sort of flopped around and strayed too much. Even my tiny angled brush from Inglot does a better job. With this brush, i find that my drawn line would feather and i would have to keep thicken the line to get a sharp edge.
I was worried the bristles might feel rough on my eyes but they aren't, not really. I experienced more 'pokiness' with the eyeshadow brush.
This brush however is wonderful for filling in my eyebrows with a shadow so that's what i'm keeping it for. 
Sometimes I like to line my upper and lower lash lines with an eyeshadow for a softer look and this brush is great for that, as it can draw a thin line of shadow and I can wiggle the brush right in between my lashes.

The verdict:

I can't say I like these brushes but I don't hate them either. I wouldn't repurchase them again though. The brushes are what you pay for, let's just put it that way. The plastic handle feels a little flimsy; if I should ever decide to break them in two with my own bare hands, I don't think i would have major problems. 
On some positive notes, they don't shed and the coloured bristles would brighten up your brushes kit, if you're into that sort of thing. And of course, the small price tag. 
But there are so many brushes out there worth investing in so if you're looking for a keeper, I'd suggest you keep on walking past these two.

Hope this review helps!


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