25 Facts About Me

No one asked me to do this, but i'm going to do it because it seemed like loads of fun! So here they go, the twenty five facts about me:

1. I really don't like wearing contact lens. But i wear them anyway because i hate it even more when my glasses slip down my nose during a hot, humid day.

2. I'm addicted to hot tea. The normal kind, by Boh or Lipton. If fancy, it's English Breakfast.

3. Outside of Malaysia, i have travelled to Thailand (Hat Yai), Singapore, New Zealand, Australia (Sydney), Indonesia (Bali), France (Paris), England, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal (Lisbon) and Italy. I will be travelling to Luxembourg and Germany this weekend, hopefully!

4. Guyllian Sea Shells are the best comforting chocolates ever for me.

5. Red became my favourite colour at 11-12 years old after i found out it was Taylor Hanson and Mel C's favourite colour. (bonus: it's Shah's favourite colour too!)

6. I got married one month shy of turning 24 years old. I never, ever thought i would marry that early.

7. The best (and pretty romantic, i must say) surprise i have gotten from Shah was when he bought me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in Christchurch. We were two super broke students at the time, so i was completely surprised, screaming and jumping up and down when i got it.

8. I've seen so many good movies over the years, especially after meeting Shah. But if you ask me "What's your favourite movie ever?", my answer would be The Emperor's New Groove. The Disney cartoon. One of my best friends even call me 'Llama' sometimes (i in turn call her Sheepeera; her name is Shaheera).

9. I collect scarves. Most of them are colourful and have prints all over.

10. I originally wanted to be a dentist, which was why i went to a matriculation college.

11. My favourite basic ice cream flavour is vanilla. As for a fancy ice cream flavour, it has to be Pralines N Cream from Baskin Robbins.

12. I have never owned an iPhone, or any touch-screen phones, or anything touch-screen. I don't really have a desire for any of them. But i borrow Shah's iPhone all the time.

13. I hate touching anything in public toilets. I usually touch door handles in public toilets using a clean piece of tissue.

14. I get extremely annoyed at people who cough or sneeze in public without covering their mouths. Mostly because i get sick really easily, so it's a sensitive subject for me.

15. A doctor advised me against having my tonsils removed because i don't get tonsillitis often enough in one year.

16. I have an older sister, an older brother, a younger brother and a younger sister. I have them all, with me right in the middle. My parents have said before that i exhibit the "Middle Child Syndrome" signs (jokingly, i hope).

17. I have a fear of height, but my fear of house lizards is much worse. I hate frogs too.

18. I have fainted twice before. Once from food poisoning (while watching a movie, no less, although i managed to stumble outside before fainting) and the  second time was while standing in a crowded bus on an extremely hot and humid day while on my way home from taking my A-Level result at my college.

19. My grandfather was from India, which means i have Indian blood. That's why i look so exotic (joking. ok, half-joking).

20. I have a Geology degree from University of Canterbury, Christchurch.

21. I am an avid reader. I find it hard to put a good book down. Some of the books i love are the Harry Potter series, everything by Sophie Kinsella and some Jodi Picoult ones. I recently read To Kill A Mockingbird (my "first intelligent book" i call it) and loved it. I am also re-reading the Hunger games series, even though i finished them a mere two weeks ago.

22. I don't like spending too much on one clothing or accessory item, because i get bored of things pretty quickly. My shopping motto is "Less is more". As in the less you spend on one thing, the more things you can buy.

23. After my degree, i worked as an assistant supervisor at a diamond-jewellery shop for half a year, and then as a freelance writer for a blog for a few months. I love doing what i do now the most, which is homemaking, with Shah by my side.

24. My favourite dish ever is my Mommeeyh's sup ayam. That's chicken soup, by the way, if Bahasa Malaysia isn't one of your language.

25. I don't handle low temperatures very well. When other people need two to three layers, i probably would have five to seven layers on. 

OK! That's 25 things you probably wasn't even interested to know about me! Shah was saying, "I think 25 is a bit of an overstretch... Just do 10 then" but i said "But it took me so long to get all these 25!". 

So if you've successfully read all 25, or at least scroll down and skim them, or simply just scroll down, you can tell i was stubborn and decided to stick with sharing unnecessary infos about myself.

Anyway, i hope you enjoy reading some of them at least.



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