Sleek Makeup Blush in Pomegranate

I have two go-to blushers right now; Sleek Pomegranate is not only one of them, it's my favourite out of those two.

(please excuse the annoying lint on the case)

The casing is simple black plastic. If i ask Shah to try break this in half using just bare hands, i have a feeling he would succeed. But it isn't that very flimsy—i've never dropped this before, but i doubt it would break or anything upon impact. The casing, that is, but obviously i take very, VERY good care of this blush, because the blush itself is simply too precious. If i drop it, i'm sure i would have a million pieces of Pomegranate. Anyway, the packaging is all simple, nothing too fancy, which i am totally fine with. Actually considering the cheap, cheap price, the packaging is pretty good!

The colour:

Pomegranate is an absolutely gorgeous purplish pink shade. Absolutely. Swoon-worthy.

I remember kneeling in front of the Sleek section in a Boots in Manchester and swatching practically all of Sleek products and being SO excited at finally meeting Sleek! When my eyes arrived at Pomegranate, i think my mouth watered; i have never seen such a beautiful, unique shade, i just immediately knew i had to have it.

How it looks on me:

Honestly, i am IN LOVE with Pomegranate. I had someone asked me what blush i wore, and that never happened with any other blush i've worn.

Pomegranate can appear quite strong if i layer it on, and that's actually precisely how i like it—moderately strong, that is, of course, like in the photos above. I would make the blush my standout piece of makeup and keep my eyes and lips simple.
Sleek is known for being affordable but their quality is quite amazing for the price. This blush seems to just melt on my cheeks, making it appear natural enough. It never seems to get cakey or patchyabsolutely fantastic!

I won't be surprised if the colour scares people off when they first see it because Pomegranate does seem quite vibrant in the plastic pan. But once it's on the cheeks, it's easy to fall in love with the shade. I would guess that it's a universal shade, definitely, suitable for from the palest to the darkest.

I have one tiny regret: not buying more Sleek blushers! In fact, Pomegranate is the only Sleek blush i bought. Before you start getting all judge-y, let me explain: i had a limited allowance for my UK trip and i had so, so many other things i wanted to buymakeup and clothes and accessoriesso i limited myself to one Sleep blush, one Sleek eyeshadow palette, one Sleek powder and one Sleek contour kit. But i am in fact very satisfied with everything i've purchased in the UK, the Sleek products and everything else, so i knew i made the right decision anyway. There's always next time!

This is one blush that i would repurchase again and again. It cost about 6-7 pounds, i think...? It would be less than RM 50. Cheap or not, it is a 100% worth it, in my opinion.

But in the meantime, let's hope someone brings Sleek to Malaysia!


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