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Halal Food in Tokyo: Halal Shabu-shabu at Hanasakaji-San

Guys, let me admit this first: I had no idea what shabu-shabu was before this, nor had I heard of it. But now that I know what it is (and, also, my doctor recently told me to up my iron game), I declare myself a personal advocate of genuine shabu-shabu. Maybe 'advocate' is too strong of a …

Ueno Park, Tokyo

“Japan never considers time together as time wasted. Rather, it is time invested.” - Donald Richie
It is really something to take a relaxing walk in a gorgeous park on a gorgeous day. I may not like cold winter weather but it was a beautiful late November day in Tokyo. The sun was out and the early…

Bunny Cafe in Asakusa, Tokyo (Seriously, a cafe with loads of rabbits in it)

About the time I left for Tokyo a little more than a month ago, Yahoo! came out with an interesting article, titled From Rent-a-Friends to Chairs that Give Hugs: Japan's Wacky Anti-Loneliness Attractions. Anti-loneliness? A bit strange, but why not, if they're wacky? I immediately zeroed i…

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