Zoo Negara Outfit


Top: Zara | Pants: Tesco | Shoes: Timbaland | Bag: Rocawear

These pants cost me RM29. That's FREAKING CHEAP, guys.
I saw a friend wearing this adorable bird-print chiffon-like top and was extremely surprised when she told me she got it from Tesco. I was like, "Tesco? Tesco sells cute clothes??" and she said, "Yes! Go check Tesco out!".

So of course I did. My Mak, my sister Fiza and her two babies, my sister Rina, Shah and I headed to Paradigm Mall for dinner one night and when Fiza said she needed to get some things from Tesco, I was like, "Sweet!". I immediately told Rina about my friend's top and she was totally game at checking out their clothes.

I saw a pair of leopard-print pants at first (if you know me well you know I'm a sucker for leopard and zebra prints) but then Rina pulled this geometric pants out and everyone was like, "Get this one instead!". I wanted both, of course, but Shah adamantly said one at a time, please, so one was all I could have then.

I must say, I'm glad I ended up with this one!

These pants are actually a tiny bit shorter than I would like it to be, so I figured the best way to wear these is to pair them with socks, which means my Timberlands are the perfect match for them!

I don't want to be totting a handbag around the zoo, so my old Rocawear messenger bag was perfect for the occasion.

Look at these storks in this huge tree! Amazing!!!

I actually didn't take any photo of the other animals using my camera. Odd, I know, since I was at the zoo after all! I found myself taking photos of the greenery more than the animals with my camera, whereas Shah used his iPhone to snap photos of the elephants, giraffe and others.

Isn't this huge tree absolutely gorgeous? A signboard says its name is "Jejawi Malayan Bayan".



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