Lace-up Ankle Booties and Printed Blazer

Blazer: Pimkie | T-shirt: H&M | Jeans: Pimkie | Booties: Peacock | Bag: Mart by Mooie

These booties were on sale at Peacocks a long, long time ago but I just never got around to wearing it. They kept getting bypassed by my lace-up boots.

Which, I just realised, makes me sound like a hoarder. I probably am one, a little bit. I buy things all the time, store them away, wait for the "perfect" moment to put them on, and the next thing you know it's two years later when you're finally ready to wear your booties.

I desperately need more thin, good quality long-sleeved black tees (mine was in the laundry bag, boohoo).

I wish I don't have to add hand socks on (it's a real thing, especially useful for Muslim ladies). As unfashionable as they are, and as unappealing as they sound, (why hasn't anyone make fashionable ones yet?) they were needed for my three-quarter-sleeved printed blazer.

In case anyone s wondering, these booties were surprisingly not as painful as I thought they would be. They lasted a good few hours on me, and I even did a complete round of grocery-shopping in them.

So proud of myself. 



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