Picking Out Your Rimmel Match Perfection Shade Online

I got some help in deciding which shade to buy from Rimmel's official website; you can check it out at Rimmel London UK and click on 'Try It On", where you can upload your own photo and click on the different shades to find out which one suits you the most. 

I uploaded four different photos of myself and the best shade that matched each photo was 402 Bronze.

It's not a 100% accurate but I do find this matching service extremely helpful as it narrows down which shades to look at in store.

The images below were the results given by the online matching service using a photo of myself (be warned, these images are graphicI can't believe I'm putting these up online even!):

 200 Soft Beige looks all wrong on me whereas 201 Classic Beige has the undertone to suit my colour.

303 True Nude, the one on the right, is a TERRIBLE shade on me, no doubt contributed by the pink undertone. 301 Warm Honey looks better but still not good.

400 Natural Beige looks too light, but 402 Bronze looks naturally suitable.

The results shown when I "applied" shade 402 Bronze and 201 Classic Beige on my photo were about the same, so this is why it is extremely important for you to go to a store and check out the colours yourself. I strongly advice against buying this foundation onlineor any foundation as a matter of factwithout testing the colour or colours in person first.

This online matching service by Rimmel is merely to assist you and give you a head start in your hunt for the perfect shade. Even if I hadn't done this "fitting" online, glancing at the shades in store at first sight would have told me that I should only concentrate on the 300 and 400 shades ranges only, as 100 and 200 ranges are way too light for me.

I ended up purchasing  Rimmel Match Perfection in shade 402 which is the best match for my NC43-NC44 skin tone.

To read my review on Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in shade 402 Bronze, click here.

If you're looking to buy this foundation, I hope this post helps you!

Note: A saleslady at a local major pharmacy told me Rimmel is being yanked out of the pharmacies in Malaysia, and that is just sad for us makeup lovers, is it not?



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