So you claimed your blogspot blog on Bloglovin' ages ago and were starting to gain followers there. But then you decided to ditch your blogspot URL for a fantastic, brand-new personal custom domain.

How do you change your blog name and blog URL in your Bloglovin' account now without losing (and confusing) any of your existing followers?

In Bloglovin', you're allowed to change the name of your blog, and it's really easy to do too. Here's how:

1. Click on the tiny downward arrow at the top part of your account, next to your round icon.
2. Click "Blog analytics" and you will arrive at this page:

note: Photo taken after I've changed my blog name and url in Bloglovin'. And yes, I have 5 followers to date so feel free to follow my blog and increase the number (and make my day in the process!)

3. Click on "Edit blog info".
 4. This box will come up:

note: Photo taken after I've changed my blog name and url in Bloglovin'

Now just delete your old blog name, type the new one and click "Save". It's done!

But this step changes the NAME of the blog only. There is no section in your Bloglovin' account where you can edit your url; Bloglovin' actually doesn't allow users to edit their url for security reasons. 

This doesn't mean that you're stuck with your old url forever though, so fret not!

So how can you change your old url to a new url in Bloglovin', without losing any of your follower?

1. Click the same tiny downward arrow at the top in Bloglovin'.
2. Click "Help", and you will get here:

3. Here you can find a bunch of FAQ's, all of which are very helpful. But I couldn't find one that relates to the exact problem I was having, which is to change my url and maintain my followers.
Don't worry; now, just scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

Then click on "Contact support".
4. Fill in what needs to be filled in and click "Send message" after you're done. Don't forget to provide your email address!

Bloglovin' must have an AMAZING support team, because they took less than 5 minutes to fix my dilemma. This is what I typed on their support page:

And this was their reply:

I got a reply in about four (four!) minutes. Kudos to the Bloglovin' team!

I didn't forget to click on the "Click to give Johanna Carlberg thanks!", because I really was grateful for her help! Bloglovin' put up photos of the individuals in their team so I was able to put a face to the person who saved my Bloglovin' account's day.

I hope this post helps you if you're facing the same problem as I was. If you find this post helpful, please do let me know in the comment box down below, and follow me on Bloglovin' too!
Don't forget to leave your blog url when you leave a comment because I love checking out new blogs.

Update (15/3/2016): Bloglovin' seems to have settled this issue, so you can check out their page right here for more info. 
PS: I have 45 followers now and a looong way to go! It's a super slow growth but, hey, it's still growing, right? If you haven't followed me AND you kind of like my blog, click here to follow Affordorable (and make my day in the process)! xo