I have this thing where I don't like to look too girlish when it comes to making up my whole outfitwhich sometimes becomes a disadvantage, to be honest. 

A pretty pair of plain ballet pumps would round up this outfit nicely but me being me, who felt like the denim jacket didn't give enough edge, added a pair of green panda-print Keds to my green dress.

It's a hate-it-love-it situation, I think.

I obviously love it. Do you? Well, you may not, but I do value constructive criticism, if you frame the criticism nicely! Do so in the comment box down below if you have one.

Green dress: random bazaar (a gift from my sister Fiza)
Denim jacket: Bershka
Green panda-print flats: KEDS
Owl-print scarf: random little shop in Barcelona
Lipstick: All Fired Up, M.A.C