Must-Have or Must-Not : Edgy Printed Tee + Dainty Palazzo Pants

Does the The Rolling Stones long-sleeved tshirt + delicate deep orange palazzo pants combination work, or does it not?

As a hijabi who lives in a hot and humid country where layering doesn't always permit, I find it challenging to make dressing up interesting. I rely on my trusted jeans most of the times but as versatile as they are, it's possible to get bored of jeans, believe it or not.

Palazzo pants are generally dainty and super feminine which is why I love these particular pair; the burnt orange colour makes them a tad snappy, plus they fit me well around my hips (hips just don't lie).

I'm a little bored of pairing the pants with delicate, dainty tops so I tried pairing them with an edgier, more casual top: my Rolling Stones tshirt.

I can't figure out if I myself like this look or not, to be honest.

It was a hot, hot day in Melaka and these palazzo pants were really made for a cooler, easy breezy time.

So what do you say? 
This combo = must-have or must-not?

It's like a hijabi dilemma, I must say.

The Rolling Stones tee: Primark   |   Palazzo pants: Teetoo

note: I got Asma of Haute Muslimah's two cents on this outfit (I commented in her Wide Leg Trousers post), and while she thinks the look is great, she advices switching the bold-print shawl for a quieter print or a solid one, and I completely agree with her. Swapping my shawl would have made the outfit even more!

What do you think? Thoughts please!


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