Polka-Dot Waist Belt

The Steal: A polka-dot waist belt for RM 9.90.

Yes, the most adorable belt for less than RM 10!

I've been down with "nocturnal coughing" for more than two weeks now. It's not as bad as a cold but I'm just not very good at being unwell as I get super cautious with some things, like bundling up as to not get chilly.
Which explains why I'm wearing two layers of clothing outdoor, which doesn't make much sense in this hot and humid country.

It has been raining a bit more often lately so on one particularly cool, cloudy late afternoon, Shah dragged me out of our house for a little walk in a park (arming himself with the camera), as I've been cooped up in the house too much and in much need of fresh air.
The fresh air did me so much good, I felt loads better afterwards.

It also helped to hold on to the quote "When you look good, you feel good."
Not going on a whim and say I look good here, but can't say I didn't try!
Another trick I use when wearing layers? Fold up the sleeves of the top layer a quarter way up to showcase the sleeves underneath for an interesting effect.
That Shah, he knows how to make me smile
If the park weren't so cool and shady, I would've profusely sweated under the two layers but it was such a nice temperature at the time. I was really glad Shah took me out.

The belt is from a shop called Twenty Second Concept in Tropicana City Mall. I like going into these random little boutiques in malls because you never know, something adorably unexpected and unique might catch your eyes and if you're in luck, it might just be dirt-cheaplike this belt!

Love the belt? Hate the sweater? Share your thoughts in the comment box down below.

Belt: Twenty Second Concept
Shirt: Cotton On
Sweater: Valleygirl
Jeans: Jeanswest
Boots: Cotton On
Scarf: Bow Bow

p/s: I just realised that with the exception of the belt, I went Australian/New Zealand from the neck down to my toes.


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