Happy Ramadhan!

I was back in Alor Setar to celebrate the first day of the fasting month with Shah's family. The day before Ramadhan starts, Shah and I went for a quick visit to Penang and was on our way back during dusk time when I glanced out of the window and saw, for the first time, a sky filled with hues of different colours. It was so spectacularly beautiful, to be in a place I've been to many times and witnessed something new, and something you only see in pretty pictures online.

I quickly snapped some photos, of course, and thought that this was such an incredible welcome to the holy month of Ramadhan.

Isn't the sky in the photo above just gorgeous?

To all Muslims around the world,
I know most of us are well into our second day of Ramadhan but I would still like to take an opportunity to wish all of you
Happy Fasting!

May this Ramadhan be a month of blessing, of forgiveness and of guidance for you and your loved ones.

Loads and LOADS of love! xxoo


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