Old Love: Purple Cotton-Jersey Kaftan Dress

A great cotton kaftan dressor caftan, as some of you might spell it—is so hard to come by. I met this one a good three years ago, a few weeks before I started donning the hijab. 

It was love at first sight.

This has that unique feel to it, plus I find it to be very me.

Kaftan dresses are actually generally easy to find in local boutiques but when I mentioned that kaftans are hard to come by, I'm talking about the cotton-jersey hybrid that:
  • has the perfect balance of cotton and jersey; soft enough without being too clingy
  • is completely opaque
  • requires zero underlining
  • is oh-so-comfy
  • is affordable

 —and I am not  talking about the fancier see-through chiffon kinds that cannot live without any lining. A few nice chiffon kaftan dresses have been in my care but none of them has received the kind of admiration I reserve for my cotton-jersey ones. 

I've whipped it out of my closet so many times as it's perfect for so many kinds of event—I've worn them to engagement parties, Raya open houses, aqiqah—but thankfully it's still in super mint condition.

Are you a fan of this type of kaftan dress as well? If you know where I can get more share of cotton-jersey kaftan love, please, share with me in the comment section! It would be sky-high-much appreciated.

Kaftan: Fashionista
Nude flats: VKI
Shawl: random shop in Venice, Italy


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