Navy, Red & Blue

I don't even know what to call this criss-cross, crossover, foldover top, but I'm sure it has its own name. It'd be great if any of you could tell me. (Update, 9 /10/14: A draped wrap-around top, maybe?)

What I love about this top is it appears like it's tucked in from the front but the top hangs loosely over my bum—perfect for covering up and for showing details on the front of your pants without having to tuck in anything. 

You know how fashion bloggers love to tuck in a tiny part of the front of their top, let everything else hang loosely around their hips and make it look so effortlessly chic? Well, that trick doesn't work on a normal human being like me. So, basically, this top does the job for me.

OK, so, let's talk about that bag. That glorious, red leather Prada bag. That Prada bag that happens to be mine. Seriously, I still can't believe I own one, because, let's just get this detail out in the open: they're crazy expensive. Especially for someone who's a homemaker and shares her husband's earning.

The bag happens to be quite an extravagant purchase I made when I was living in Europe. It came from Prada's outlet in Florence; I remember going in and hushing up, surrounded by all these leather handbags and shoes that I can actually afford. All of them Prada.

I rarely took this handbag out due to its generous size and weightsee that sporty-like strap the bag came with? I simply cannot imagine carrying the heavy bag around without it. 
Since it's not good for leather goods to stay cooped up indoors for too long, I take this bag out once in a while for a 'walk', to sort of air it out.

Navy top: Nichii | Straight jeans: Zara | Flats: Cotton On | Handbag: Prada

By the way, you'd think that skinny jeans are the ones to give you the illusion of owning longer legs, right? Personally, I've discovered that that isn't always the case with me; my straight jeans and flare jeans are so much more duplicitous! I'm still figuring out how to style flare jeans and come out looking decent, though...


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