Pink, Grey and White (and a whole lotta green)

When my family and I were in Taiping, we stayed at a hotel that's really near to Taiping Lake Gardens. If you've never been to this garden, you should; it's very green, very serene, very beautiful and it is huge

It's so huge that we simply couldn't cover the whole park in the short amount of time we had there. A bunch of us did visit a part of this park: a vast field nearby that has incredible green mountainous forest as its background (see my satchel bag post to get a glimpse of the green).

On the last day, after my family had left, Shah and I discovered this cosy little nook close to the hotel. I bet my siblings would have loved to do their own photo-shooting here!

Pink-grey zebra scarf: Bow Bow | Grey sweater: Zara | Printed pants: Zara | Mirrored sunglasses: Pull & Bear


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