All Blue:Varsity Jacket, Patch Jeans & Shades

In retrospect, if I had known the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden was this beautifuljust serene and so dreamyI probably would have dressed a little bit differently. I would have dressed less casually, probably, and maybe not have my varsity jacket and patch jeans on. I definitely felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst all the green and atmosphere of serenity of the garden. 

Something more feminine and pretty would have been more fitting but unfortunately I had brought only jeans, casual tops and boots/sneakers with me to Japan. I was walking in the park when I saw a lady in front of me in this amazing cream-coloured furry cardigan, cropped slim black pants and crazy-high wedges and I was wishing her outfit was mine.
Then again, as if I would ever have the guts to wear any high-heeled footwear when travelling to a different country! I would be walking way too much.

I would have loved to wear a darling long-sleeved dress, maybe something ethereal and daintier. But when you travel to a foreign countryone with a completely different weather than your country'swith limited luggage and living out of a suitcase (or two), you have to make do!

I felt good, comfortable and most importantly warm in this outfit. I wish I could walk around in heels all day long like all these classy Japanese girls (some of them are so chic it hurts my teeth) but my attachment to sneakers is too strong. Also, look at that golden hour lighting!

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 Varsity jacket: random boutique, Berjaya Times Square   |   Electric blue sweater: Zara   |   Patch jeans: Jeanswest (old)   |   Sneakers: Adidas (men)   |   Shades: Pull & Bear   |   Sling bag: Mousse


  1. The large picture of just your face...gorgeous Liyana! Jude

    1. Thank you <3 Lucky shot for me! The lighting that day was just perfect in Tokyo, I still remember it clearly. How I miss that city!


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