So Many Photos, So Little Time...

My Tokyo trip was extended! Shah and I are supposed to be in Malaysia already by now so we feel really lucky and extremely grateful to have a few extra days to explore Tokyo; we've been filling our free days to the brim with exploring new places.

I haven't had time to sit down and blog, or even go on Instagram and Twitter. It's kind of nice to step away from the virtual world for a little bit. It's much too hot in Malaysia to be on foot from day to night for a couple of days straight, so it's definitely a fresh breath of air to be here in Tokyo, and I mean that figuratively and literally!

Before we knew about the extension, Shah and I only had one day to visit Tokyo Disney Resort so we had to choose between Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. Since Tokyo Disneyland seemed really similar to Disneyland Park in Paris (we had Disneyland Paris' Passeport Annuel), we chose DisneySeaand it was ahhhmayzing. But then we had ONE more free day, and we got to say hello to Tokyo Disneyland after all!

My camera is full and I'm telling you FULL of photos we just had to snap. We tried going to as many places as we could, with Shah totting my camera everywhere we go (because I'm holding my handbag and he's sweet like that). If you've read my post If I Could Have One Wish For Myself....., you would understand why I felt the need to snap even the most minute moment. 

I don't necessarily want to share all photos with everyone but they're merely for my own reminiscing purposes, months from now. I really just want to dig my Tokyo memories out later and have photos to accompany what I remember...

These froggy thingies as roadside barrier. Only in Japan, perhaps.
When Shah and I came here our luggages were already full with clothes and things. Three weeks in and we've bought plenty of stuff, so I can't imagine how we're going to fit everything in. But it's got to be done! I'm going to start packing from NOW and halt my stray back into the virtual world for now...


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